International Students Overcome With Friendship Essay

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Friends are an important part of life, when international students move away from their country to an unfamiliar place they typically need new friends to spend time and enjoy. According to Curry and Dunbar (2011), a solid bond between a group of friends offers many unnoticed benefits, which have a lifelong importance. Furthermore, friends support each other emotionally and through times of financial difficulty. However, international students seem to face a difficulty when attempting to interact socially to create fresh friendships in a foreign country. The purpose of this essay is to analyse the social issue that faces international students and include some useful solutions for it.

One of the main problems confronting international students is to create new friendships with others, who come from different backgrounds. Constantine (2005) states that some students might find it challenging to create friendships and to lead active social lives because of a list of reasons, such as their limited English skills, lack of experience and familiarity with students’ interactive behaviours. Therefore, some students may avoid social interaction (Storti, 2001). Although there is a proportion of international students who might be successful in making friends, they might fail to trust each other due to the individual and cultural differences (Keller, 2004). However, this is not the main problem, as it mainly depends on how people think and their suspicions thoughts as to whether they can trust the other person or not.

There are some practical solutions that can help the international student to overcome the before mentioned problem. It has been suggested that international students could join clubs and perform the activities that they desire, where they can find other students that share the same interest, which seems to be helpful in holding conversations, needless to say that nothing is absolutely certain. Such suggestions are backed up by Curry and Dunbar (2011)...

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