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International Students Who Work Part Time While Attending School In Australia

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International students are significantly increasing in Australia. Obviously, the main purpose of them comes to Australia is to gain a better education atmosphere. Lately, the working issues are rising among international students, especially twenty hours working per week during the semester, some of them argue, is not appropriate. Therefore, a change should be made to these regulations. However, this essay will argue that, based on the main purpose of international students come to Australia, twenty hours working, weekly, is highly efficient time to work while they are studying. This is reasonable regarding to both students succeed at study and their health during the study.
There are various reasons why twenty hours working per week not appropriate for some international students. Some insisted that it was irrational local students allowed to work than twenty hours a week and paid more than international students. Others might say living allowance was not enough. Therefore, they have to earn additional money with extra hours to support their study. Another motive that might be appeared, international students would work as the illegal workers, in order to get more incomes. Basically, all the issues mentioned above were based on the financial problem.
Yet, international students, in advance, must be funded by either their parents or scholarship boards appropriately. Indeed, with proper and better financial management, international students should not work more than twenty hours per week during the semester. In addition, working illegally was unprofitable for both Australian government and international students. The amounts of time given are also proper for both international students’ study and health.
In look upon to succeed at study, working more than twenty hours weekly might lead student to be detrimental in both mentally and physically. As the result, this would make student failed at their study. If a student, international student, works...

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