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Pakistan has many different socioeconomic issues in its country. Most of these affect the country in both positive and negative ways. The first of these issues is widespread poverty throughout the country. The poverty in the country especially affects rural areas, such as farmers. Without having enough money, farmers will not be able to produce as much food as they would otherwise. This is a decline in supply of natural resources. Agricultural production is being lowered for other reasons. In recent years, there has been a decline of development in agriculture, even though nearly all other industries in Pakistan have increased. This means Pakistan is losing is dependence and its demand of ...view middle of the document...

Lastly, since they are old, they don’t contribute to the country, but they still use the country’s medicine as well as other resources. The second socio economic impact is corruption, most evident in the upper classes it has both a negative and positive impact on resources. Bribery of major figures in vietnam allow people to illegally buy and consume large quantities of resources that are not in the countries benefit. Furthermore, vietnam is ranked 116th most corrupt country based off of the Corruption Perception Index. This is further proven by a study completed by Business Insider showing that Vietnam loses over two hundred million dollars to its economy as a result of corruption. This results in inflation problems preventing the country from investing in creating and harvesting its resources. Another, socio economic issues is vietnam’s socialist-oriented market economy has caused an increase in the supply and demand consumer products. This increases the amount of the resources required to produce these consumer productions. Furthermore, more consumer products are being sold to other countries meaning that they are decreasing the amount of products and resources for themselves. The final issue is widespread poverty throughout the country. Farmers having a short economical supply effects the resources the country has with a tremendous effect. Without having enough money, farmers are unable to grow and manufacture as much food and crops the county...

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