International Trade In The New World

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With nearly wiping out the Amerindians the call for men to work the hard demanding labor raised. Two major themes stuck out towards me during my read, but after giving more thought the more I realized what had the most impact. The demand of slavery rose due to the high demands of the colonies in the New World. The Incas and Aztecs were conquered and nearly wiped of the earth due to many different complications, so the need for slave trade came to South America. In Africa slavery was part of everyday life, slave trade brought a lot of economic fortune that would eventually led to an economic decline. With Europe being the forerunners of the New World they played a major role in international trading. What brought Europeans to the New World was the need for a quicker route to Asia. Europeans sought out many items that they wished to obtain from the Asian countries such as spices so Europeans set off around the world to participate in the International trading. Countries in Asia were the most sought out countries for trade not only to trade goods but also for Christians to spread their faith but trade would soon be cut off from certain countries due this very reason.
The Europeans were search of Asia when they found the Americas, in search of gold conquistador Hernando Cortes set of a conquest to conquer the Aztecs. The conquering of the Aztecs was greatly in part of their timing, the Aztecs seemed to be immersed with their harvest and also with other natural events. Soon after the Aztecs were conquered the Inca Empire fell in suit. With many of the occupying soldiers deciding to stay and start a new life they developed ranches and plantations to produce income. With the new settlers in the New World, importing of animals and food were needed. The new occupying Spaniards sought out manual labor to support their agricultural needs and also to labor in the silver mines. At first the Spaniards made use of the newly conquered Amerindians but the population of the Amerindians would dwindle due to introduction of new foreign diseases and other contributing factors such as malnutrition. The need for more effective slaves rose and soon slaves imported from Africa would become part of the everyday trade. The exporting and importing of goods also brought the missionaries whose goal was to spread Christianity.
The Trade of slaves existed well before European sought major interest in slavery. Slavery was a conventional way of life largely due to the influence of Islam in Africa, with the conquering of neighboring tribes Africa rulers found justification of in slaving. Black Africans were not the only ethic group enslaved in Africa but also white women since they were a symbol of wealth. Africans exported from Africa to England in turn turned out not to be considered slaves but also servants or even used to become sailors. Many would view that Africa’s were involuntary to slavery but some actually choose to become slaves to avoid starvation. The Trade of...

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