Global Warming Blown Out Of Proportion

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Global Warming Blown Out of Proportion

The United States by no means should consider complying with the Kyoto
Protocols. My conviction in the negation towards passing this bill is
that the whole Global Warming idea is highly blown out of proportion
by politicians and the mass media. Global warming, as it may exist in
the most gentle form, is the result of natural changes and could yield
positive benefits. It is a predictable, quantifiable process. Thus the
Kyoto plan is flawed in many ways.

The actually origin of such ideas of global warming come to us from
computer generated predictions by the Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change predicted in 1990 that there would be a 5 degree
Celsius boost by 2100. The new 2001 report by the same firm has
calculated a measly 1-degree increase.

Why would the Kyoto panel suggest the most costly solution to the
Global Warming? The reducing our use of fossil fuels. Seeding the
oceans with iron dust to launching sunlight-reflecting particles into
the stratosphere would also help the supposed greenhouse effect. These
solutions would cost from 0.1% to 1 % of the conventionally estimated
$100 billion per year the Kyoto protocols would cost the U.S. to
reduce fossil fuel usage back to 1990

levels. What a figure! This funding could be used for health care,
homelessness, and starvation.

There are also economical flaws of the Protocol. The United States
could only meet the Kyoto Protocols by rising natural resource prices.
Gasoline prices would rise more than 50 cents per gallon. The Kyoto
Protocol if established in the United States would implement a
mandatory taxation costing citizens $2000 a year.

Richard Lindzen, professor of meteorology at MIT correctively points
out global warming as a fallacy. He wrote, "There is no consensus,
unanimous or otherwise, about long-term climate trends and what causes
them," in the Wall Street Journal. The fact that Global Warming, if it
is a problem, is such a little problem that such high attention for
the Kyoto Protocol leads to it being laced with alternative power
hungry plans.

The seriousness of the hidden agenda of environmentalists must be
considered in the prevention of the Kyoto intervening in our
sovereignty. The Protocol -- it seems-- is not about global warming at
all. It's about advancing a political scheme of global government and
punishing the US for its economic success. If we sign the Protocol the
Kyoto inspectors, will be crawling all over America inspecting our
emission levels in our factories and homes in violation of our
Constitution. So the US should stay out of entangling alliances and
should not endorse such Protocols that deteriorate our justifiable
right of sovereignty.

Global Warming is Hot Air Jon PerdueNo. 111, 15-21 March 1999

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