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Global Warming Is It Happening? Essay

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God created us and we created pollution. Pollution is a by-product of our everyday life, especially the activities involved with economic aspects. Every economic activity in human society always tends to produce a certain quantity of pollution. The fact that economic activities inevitably lead to pollution will not be a problem by itself, since the great nature possesses certain capability of self-regulation and self-purification. However, pollution occurring beyond the limit of nature cannot be controlled anymore. Today's vast economic activities essentially produce a huge amount of pollution that will eventually breakdown the balanced state of the global environment. Much of the human world is considered to be common. 'Common' in a sense that it is open to anyone for use and return the waste back to it. This has caused what so called 'Tragedy of the commons' as noted in a paper written by Garrett Hardin [1]. As long as something is free, people tend to abuse it while being reluctant to fix any problems they might have generated to it. As the environment has been considered to be free, people has abused it beyond allowed limits.Recently, environmental degradation and its effects have become one of the hottest potatoes among many social and political issues. The key point of the argument is weather humans cause the global warming in a significant manner. Some people claim that human intervention causes the globe to be warmer; while others argue that the global warming is only a natural occurrence. Indeed, many still believe that the global warming is merely a natural phenomenon that is not controlled by humans at all. By 'Natural' it means that humans neither significantly affect the occurrence of climate changes nor humans can control effect. However, most-updated scientific evidences show that human's influence is what considerably enhances the magnitude of the global warming trend.The most severe form of the environmental degradation is climate change, as it is ultimately important input for many human activities, which intimately related to the subsistence of human. Climate can be defined as "conditions of the atmosphere at a particular location over a long period of time" [2]. Generally, climate includes variability and extremes, experiencing severe fluctuation due to internal effects; however, it may also be forced to change because of external influence [3]. One of the most imminent external influences is the human intrusion, which causes significant environmental degradation and transformation of climate. Among many signs of environment degradation, global warming is the most perceptible aspect of climate change that is enhanced, if not solely caused by humans. In fact, the meaning of global warming has become the core aspect of climate change. A section of a written document by 'Scientific Alliance' has pointed out that: "Climate change now becomes synonymous with anthropogenic (human-induced) global warming" [4].Of course, humans do...

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