Global Warming: The Importance Of Going Green

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For centuries, the issue of global warming has been a great concern for citizens in all cultures. Many suggest that becoming environmentally aware is the solution to preventing this constant climate change in our environment. However, individuals relentlessly dismiss the issue by being nonchalant and inconsiderate. Furthermore, going green has generated intense controversy: some feel strongly that their individual contribution to society is worthless; while, others firmly advocate that becoming ecologically aware helps prevent possible changes in the atmosphere, resulting from global warming. Certainly, going green can prevent climate change in our environment by conserving energy, by reducing the health risks associated with global warming, and by improving economic efficiency.
One argument favoring going green is that it prevents climate change through the conservation of energy. “Getting consumers to conserve energy has not been an easy task” (Henion II 1981). Our planet undergoes abnormal changes due to the individual's excessive energy and water usage. Human beings are entitled to use minimum levels of these resources or else the side effect can be dangerous. Ultimately, excessive use of energy and water results in temperatures rising; thereby, affecting us. In addition, when the temperature begins to rise, it can be extremely hazardous for many species of flora, fauna, and human beings. Furthermore, the temperature may increase to the point where it becomes too warm to accommodate any type of living thing. It is often said that as a result of global warming extreme heat waves may hit many states during the summer. “The direct effects of heat already cause substantial numbers of deaths among vulnerable people in the summer. Air conditioning has reduced them in the United States, and older technologies such as fans, shade, and buildings designed to keep cool on hot days have generally done so in Europe” (Keatinge & Donaldson 2004). “Buildings consume 40% of US energy and produce 39% of US carbon dioxide” (McMahon 2008). That is because the energy requirements of air conditioning accelerate global warming and take up way too much energy during summertime. However, “these numbers can be dramatically reduced with improved appliance efficiency. Thanks to improved technologies and designs” (McMahon 2008), such as the energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs and appliances with the ENERGY STAR label, conserving energy has much easier to do.
As well as preventing climate change by conserving energy, the health risks associated with global warming will decrease if we go green. Waldorf in an online article, the “Health Effects of Global Warming" states that "people often develop asthma and allergies due to smog" ( Waldorf’s analysis in this case proves that global warming poses health threats to many people. Therefore, climate change presents certain risks to an individual's health, with asthma and allergies being...

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