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What Is Internet Addiction? Essay

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Technology is slowly becoming part off society’s daily activities. Once we wake up in the morning with the assistance from our alarm clocks, to the moment we turn off the lights to go to bed, we are regularly reminded that we are now living in a modern world. Technology is present everywhere we turn. One of the most important products of technology is the internet. The World Wide Web (www) is part of almost everyone’s everyday life. In addition to the uses of computers, we can use our hand held devices to access the internet as well. The ability to have unlimited access to the internet from anywhere at any time has become the cause of a serious addiction that affects about one in every eight Americans; this addiction is referred to as Internet Addiction.
Internet addiction is a compulsive behavioral disorder which affects the way a person lives their daily life (Weinstein and Lejoyeux). It causes severe tension on the addict’s family, friends, and work environment. This addiction is simply a behavioral disorder that entirely governs the addict’s whole life. Internet addicts make the Internet their one and only priority, and is slowly becoming a growing epidemic. Internet addiction was originally introduced as a disorder by Ivan Goldberg in 1995 (“Ivan Goldberg Discusses Internet Addiction”). It is still being researched and debated to see if it can be considered a psychological disorder.
The comparison of different types of addictions, help people better understand the severity of internet addiction. For example, an individual addicted to alcohol is addicted to their “drink of choice”; this drink of choice is everything to them. The addict and their alcohol has a bond that makes life easier. Addicts such as the one given in my example need their alcohol of choice in order for them to feel good, or as what they consider as “normal”. When it comes down to internet addiction, a parallel situation is present. The internet is basically like drugs or alcohol in other addictions (Lee et al.). The internet provides a “high” which addicts need in order to feel normal. This addiction substitutes unhealthy activities for healthy ones. They prefer a temporary moment of pleasure online rather than a lifetimes worth of pleasure in the real world. Internet addicts struggle to control their addiction, and experience depression over their continuous ineffectiveness to do so, simply because the internet surrounds them everywhere they go.
Internet addicts seek a place to hide from the world. A virtual world provides a safe haven for people in a world consumed with judgment. Online chat rooms, social media, and avatar worlds are where theses addicts run to, to find happiness. Some people invest so much time developing and perfecting their online lives to hide from the troubles of the outside world. This addiction results in the failure to communicate verbally in real life. They use advancements of technology as a social outlet, which inhibits them from learning the...

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