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Internet Addiction Part 3 Essay

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This author thinks that the attendee’s discussion of best practices for the treatment of IAD was one of the most important topics of the First Congress on IAD. She believes this because with the issue at hand being a global one and nations already taking the issue in hand sort of speak. The topics of best practices were developmental, social, familial, cultural and clinical. For developmental best practices they discussed what resources were available about the impact of the internet on the children. For the familial topic of discussion the attendees discussed how parents should integrate the internet in with other activities in their family life at home. For the topic of social best ...view middle of the document...

There is a need for filters to stop young people from accessing sites that contain harmful material such as: pornography, racism, terrorism, and temptation for drugs, alcohol and gambling. It was also explained that youth are so vulnerable because of the developmental stage they are physically and mentally in. Treatments were also discussed along with the symptomology of IAD (Gündüz & Şahin, 2011).
Dr. Young was the first in the United States to establish a treatment center for IAD (Young, 2014). Treatments include the following: support groups (Chak& Leung, 2004), Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and time management therapy (Young, 2014). Dr. Young formed seven ideas for therapy for people diagnosed with IAD. The seven ideas are practicing the opposite, taking personal inventory, family therapy, social support, reminder cards, setting goals and external stoppers. Practicing the opposite means that the person would do the opposite of what their normal routine would be. Mind mapping would be a way to take personal inventory to find what is important in one life, set goals and limits and make plans for what one wants their life to contain. It would include activities that one has avoided or neglected during the addiction. Family therapy would focus on moderation and controlled use of the internet. Social Support would include support groups. Reminder cards are kept with the addict to remind them why they are not over using the internet. Setting goals is where one details what they want to achieve and the steps to get to that point. And finally external stoppers give the signal for when it is time to log off the computer and do another activity (Young, 2014). All treatments have been found more effective if emotion management skills are learned (Oktan, 2011).
In conclusion we have seen that the primary ages for IAD have been college aged young adults and adolescents. However it is this authors thought that we as a people should not exclude all other age groups from being considered as at risk. Men and women of all ages suffer the personality traits that are empirically connected to IAD. We have seen there is some information being delivered about IAD but it is not enough to inform the public. The information being delivered is primarily at the professional level. It has not been promoted to the consumer level as much as it could and should be as of yet. Parents should be made aware of the symptoms and the preventions and how important this information is. This author questions that if these adolescents are allowed to be online as much as they are, what about the parents? Where are they? Addiction is genetic and we know there is a gene that is at least partially responsible. Could the parents of these addicted children be addicted to the internet also? It is this person’s belief that we need to inform ourselves even if the media and government agencies do not inform us. Internet Addiction is a serious threat to...

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