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Internet Addiction Should Be Considered A Mental Disorder

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Mum, I want to stop. I need to stop. But I’m scared of upsetting people.”
I knew Connor’s three-year addiction to computer gaming had been ruining his life. But until he made that decision to change, four years ago, there had seemed little any of his family could do to help. His obsession with living in a virtual world was consuming his life, and destroying his education. It had left him without real-life friends — or the skills needed to acquire them. It had driven his father and me to despair. (“My Son was Addicted to the Internet” 1)
Internet addiction should be considered a mental disorder to get help for people who need it. In order to cure Internet Addiction Disorder, we must know ...view middle of the document...

The last, but not least, is Computer Addiction, this is the obsessive playing of off line computer games, such as solitaire (“Internet & Computer Addiction” 1).
Most people don’t know how many individuals are actually addicted to the internet. However, one out of every 25 people have a problematic internet addiction (“How Many Teens Have Internet Addiction” 1). If you have anxiety, depression, other addictions, very few friends, are unhappy, less mobile or socially active than you were once before, stressed out, or using the internet to relieve unpleasant and overwhelming feelings, then you are at a higher risk of internet addiction.
There are many signs and symptoms of Internet Addiction. One sign is, losing track of time online like using the internet for longer than planned. Another sign is having trouble completing tasks at work or at home, being on the internet for so long that it affects your daily routine. Another symptoms is Isolation from family and friends and is when you feel you have no friends and are all alone. Another sign is Feeling guilty or defensive about your internet use, is when you lie about internet or what you are doing on the internet is another sign of internet addiction. The final symptoms is feeling a sense of euphoria while involved in internet activities; when you use the internet as a way to relieve stress. There are physical symptoms like: carpal tunnel syndrome, dry eyes or strain vision, backaches and neck aches, severe headaches, sleep disturbances, and pronounced weight gain...

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