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How The Internet Age Has Changed The Way The World Lives

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The Internet age changed the way the world lives. It links billions of people from around the world to one network and created a new way to socialize. The advancement in technology “improved communication between individuals.”(Marshall) which provides instant access to information and news from around the world. Frederick Moran is an example of someone whose life changed drastically because of the Internet. It transformed his life in positive and negative ways. The Internet age impacted Frederick Moran economically, socially, and intellectually because it affected his job, it changed the way he communicates, and it gave him access to unlimited knowledge.
The Internet is responsible for millions of new jobs, helping the economy. Many small businesses and corporations excelled because of the Internet. “Individual online users can daily market themselves globally through custom-designed personal web sites and blogs.”(Schell). Online advertising became a way for businesses to advertise their company to anyone in the world. “The advertising industry estimated that the average Internet user in 2002 saw 950 banner ads per day.”(Hollis). With the Internet, businesses advanced and developed into more Internet dependent companies. “The most important source of media income comes from advertising.”(Hollis) Internet advertising helps the economy and developed a new source of advertising. Frederick Moran’s job relied on the Internet. As a business analysis, he analyzes and fixes computer programs for people who trade commodities. “Companies now need fewer clerical and manufacturing workers and more employees with engineering, programming, and business backgrounds to design, develop, and manage the increasingly complex systems.”(Marshall) Frederick Moran’s job is needed in many companies which makes getting a job easier for Frederick. His job today would be different if the Internet did not exist. Instead of going to work everyday, he has the opportunity to work at home or anywhere he goes using his computer. This means that he and other people, whose jobs are on the Internet, can commute less. The Internet paved the way for new jobs and gave Frederick Moran the opportunity to work using the internet which helped him economically.
On the Internet, one can buy anything from clothing to food without leaving their house. It is now faster and more convenient to shop online than go out and shop at stores. This saves people from paying for gas and being in overcrowded malls. The economy has improved because of online shopping. People are now shopping online and in the stores thus adding an extra income to businesses. However, because of the increase in online shopping, retail sales have decreased. ”It is increasingly evident that the shift from shopping in stores to shopping online is permanent and still rising.”(Loeb). Online shopping affected Frederick Moran in a positive and negative way. He does not have to leave his house to shop. This allows him more free...

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