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The Internet is an awesome way of contact and a great source ofinformation that is becoming a lot more popular for people who are interested in, and have the time to surf the 'information superhighway'.The major problem with this much information being reachable to thismany people is that a lot of it is called inappropriate for young people. Thegovernment wants censorship, but a small amount of the population does not.Legislative regulation of the Internet would not be a good thing for ourgovernment. "The Communications Decency Act" is an amendment that stopsthe Internet from becoming a computer "red light district." On June 14, 1995,by a vote of 84-16, the United States Senate passed this amendment. It's nowbeing taken through the House of Representatives. The Internet is owned ANDoperated by the government, and that would give them the right to restrict thethings that you can get through it.Even though it looks like it has sprung up overnight, the vision offree-minded hackers, it was born in the 'Defense Department Cold War' projectsof the 1950s. The US Government owns the Internet and has the responsibilityand right to decide who uses it and how it is used. The government HAS to have control on what information people are able to get from its agencies. Thisinformation is not lawfully available through the mail OR over the telephone, sothere is absolutely no reason why they should be available otherwise. Since theidea a network of computers, the industry has wonderfully advanced some goodblocking devices, but they are not an alternative for a well-reasoned law. Because the Internet has become one of the biggest sources of information inthe whole wide world, legislative security is necessary. The government givescitizens the privilege of using the Internet, but it has never given them the right to use it. The government seems to think that the makers of the constitution planned & plotted at great length to make certain that the corrupt pornographer and the pervert has to be free to practice their hunt in the company of childrenon a multi-million user network that is paid for by taxpayers. People like this are the ones in the wrong. Taxpayer's dollars are being spent bringing foul text and graphics into the homes of adults and kids all over the world.The government has to take control to stop pornographers from using the Internet. They seem to fit because they are breaking laws that have existed for years. 'Cyberpunks',those most normally associated with the Internet, are members of a rebellious society that are corrupting these networks with information that contains pornography, racism, and other forms of explicit information. When they start looking around for a crime, new 'cybercops' are coming into a pretty mean environment.Cyberspace, especially the Internet, has a ton of people who look for aculture that hates authority and scared that any trespass of police orgovernment will destroy their own little world. The environment that...

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