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Internet Assignment Four Part A 1. What Are The Questions

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Internet Assignment Four Part A 1. What are the questions about war and ethics? 2. The article is about the presidents wanting to give a preemptive attack on Iraq. If Iraq hasn't fired upon us how come we are going to attack them, and also without the consent of other nations in the UN. Many questions are raised in this piece, about our judgment towards Saddam Hussein. It also focuses on the consequences of an attack to Iraq. Such as India could take out Pakistan, Greece could invade Turkey and all the Arabs could fire missiles into Israel - and vice versa. In close it asks the question And, five years from now, will the common good - in this case, world peace - be served by what we do? 3. As far as the president wanting to give Iraq a preemptive attack is based upon the fear of a lot of Americans today after WWII. Japan attacked us first and we knew about their planned attack before it happened. I agree with the president wanting to strike first. It's hard to say whether other countries will go to war because of an attack. I do agree that the US should get other countries support before an attack. It doesn't look good that we are the only country that wants to attack.1. Russian Hostage Rescue Shows the Danger of "non-lethal" Weapons 2. This article focuses on the use of non-lethal weapons in warfare or domestic problems; such as riots, hostage situations, etc. It talks about an incident in Moscow, Russia in which there was a hostage situation in a movie theater and the authorities released a gas in the theater to put everyone to sleep. Turned out that many of the hostages were dying from an overdose of the supposed "non-lethal" gas. There was an antidote to the toxin but only if it is administered after exposure and there were also no instructions on how much of the antidote is to be given. It asks the question of what will happen if it is used here in America. Will our government be as careless as others? 3. I personally feel that the use of non-lethal gas is ok for certain situations. It's a hard thing to understand but I should hope that the...

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