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Web Browsers
The very first web browser dates all the way back to the early 90’s, invented by Tim Berners-Lee called WorldWideWeb and was later renamed Nexus. In 1993 a guy by the name of Marc Andreesen had created a browser that was easy to use and install; it was called Mosaic and later on becomes Netscape. Both Tim and Marc’s ideas helped to create a building block for the internet browsers that we use to this very day (History of the web browser, 2013).
AOL Inc. is a corporation based in New York City and they develop, grow and invest in websites. AOL is best known for its online software suite and this allows customers to access the world’s largest “walled garden” online community and eventually reach out to the internet as a whole. AOL once had over 30 million members worldwide. AOL was ranked fourth in a 2007 USA Today as 1 of the 25 events that formed the 25 years of the internet. In 2000 AOL and Time Warner became one and were called AOL Time Warner and in December of 2009 they split up ending the relationship between the two. AOL reinvented themselves in 2010 under the CEO Time Armstrong. Other AOL brands are Moviefone, Engadget, Patch Media, Stylelist, MapQuest and Cambio (AOL, 2013).
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Netscape is a pioneering company that provides a way for people to be able to surf the vast amount of information of the internet. The rapid growth and the threat that Netscape was to other companies is what caused Microsoft to try everything they could do to get there Internet explorer browser into a market leading position. Marc Andreesen and a fellow student Eric Bina wrote Mosaic which is the very first graphical web browser. Mosaic created a user-friendly way to allow people to find their way around the WorldWideWeb. It took them 6 weeks to complete and after Marc moved to a small software firm. Mosaic Communications becomes Netscape in the spring of 1994. Netscape wanted the same technical information Microsoft to allow their products to work with windows. Microsoft wanted Netscape to stop development of the 95 browser. Netscape is seen to have made the situation worse for itself by charging for the use of its browser. Netscape was taken over by America Online (AOL) in 1999 and they had favored Microsoft’s browser. Netscape is now a part time browse (Netscape: History , 2000).

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MS internet explorer is a series of graphical web browsers and could be bought as an add-on and later other versions were available for free. Microsoft internet explorer was 95% of internet usage in 2002 and 2003 and declined since the release of Firefox and Google Chrome, also growing in popularity Operating systems like OS X, Linux and Android do not use internet explorer. Microsoft spent over $100 million dollars per year on Internet Explore in the late 90’s with 1000 people working on it by 1999. Microsoft has since then updated Internet Explorer with new feature and ways to create webpages. Other versions of...

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