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Internet Bubble Essay

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An economic bubble is an event in which there is a rush into the market. The rush is caused by speculation regarding a commodity or asset, which results in a boom. The activity within the specific industry get impacted by the over inflation of prices in the market. The price of the stock are not sustainable since they are temporary due to the over inflation value which leads the market to crash on the specific sector. Bubbles do not follow the fundamental supply and demand laws. It is safe to say that bubbles have rising prices, which attracts major attention of people who are interested in getting rich quick. Investors pour money, which inflates the price way beyond the sustainable value. A ...view middle of the document...

They would present their business plan and from the venture capital group, that is when ideas are rejected or accepted, in which they can get a lump sum of cash. The way the venture capital groups make their money back is by taking the company public with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or if a bigger company buys them out. If the company went public, money would flow in from investors with an exchange of company stock. In general terms, when investors buy many shares of a company, the stock price increases. Venture capital groups became less cautious when making a decision on someone else’s idea during this time. The venture capital groups did not let the actual market choose which company would survive since the market was growing rapidly but there decision was based on speculation. Many people just kept buying shares of stock simply because just wanted a share of the action. People also had a theory of buying shares based on the company’s name. If the company had a .com, cyber, or info they invested in it because they believe it had something to do with the internet. Investing in that matter is referred to as prefix investing. When many people follow that principle, the company gets over valued and at some point, the tables will turn with the stock crashing and people selling their shares to get out.
One of the many factors before the internet bubble had started was the government made changes with the tax codes and interest rates for the public. One law that took place before the internet bubble was the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. The Taxpayer Relief Act’s main purpose was to balance out the US budget as well as make huge change to the economic policy of the government. There were many provisions that helped the public. From all different types of tax credits to even people, being placed in lower tax brackets overall. Capital gain deals with an increase in value of a investment or real estate. Capital gains are easily explained by the phrase “buy low sell high”. Capital gains in term of the act had major tax rate reduction. From being taxed at the normal 28 percent, people were tax at the 20 percent rate only if you held that investment longer than 18 months. The government put duration of time so people would not “flip” investments quickly left and right. With the capital gains tax rate reduced, people essentially placed in lower tax brackets. However, the people who got the most benefit from the reduction were taxpayers in the highest tax bracket. Regarding dividends, the tax rate at which they were tax at were at the personal tax rate. So therefore, we have capital gain being taxed at a lower rate than dividends. A couple of years later, congress released the Job and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003, with changed dividends and capital gains rates by making them equal as they were previously. As the tax codes were being changed, the Federal Reserve made a change themselves regarding interest rates. From a yearly average...

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