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Internet Business: Bricks To Clicks And Clicks Only Essay

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For each of the business models, identify 2 businesses*, one that is a "bricks-to-clicks" and one that is a "clicks-only" or "pureplay". Comment briefly on any differences you observe in their approaches to doing business on the Internet.

Business model is the way of doing business by which a company can sustain itself. The two business models that I chose were Advertising and Brokerage models. In the advertising model the business that I came up with for “bricks to clicks” was Nytimes and for “Click only” was The second model was Brokerage model and the business that I came up with for “bricks to clicks” was ChemConnect and for clicks only “Clicks only” is applied to business models that are predominantly based on the internet. On the other hand “bricks to clicks” is applied to business models that are predominantly based on provision goods and services through outlets and throughout the internet
Advertising model is an extension of the established media broadcast model, it messages on the web often obtain the appearance of banner ads (small icon containing advertising messages that, when clicked, take the user to the site of the advertiser), the banner ads may be the main or only cause of revenue for the broadcaster. Advertising model is only possible when there are adequately huge numbers of user traffic on the site.
On the examples that I gave the differences in their approaches to doing business on the internet were is a portal search engine that may include different data. A huge number of user traffic makes advertising gain money. Another thing about that it allows the user to modify the boundary to demonstrate items of particular individual importance. The other example was NYtimes it’s free to enter the website but want users to register and give demographic data. Registration allows tracking of user habits and creates information of possible importance in intentioned advertising movements.
My second business model was Brokerage model. Brokers are often...

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