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Internet Censorship Is A Form Of Dictatorship

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George Bernard Shaw once said, “The first condition of progress is the removal of censorship.” Internet censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the Internet. In other words, one day you might not be able to Google everything you want to know as you can now. Although the Internet can be a dangerous without caution, countries need not to censor the Internet for their own selfish reasons. Internet censorship is a form of a dictatorship, and they can cause riots as well as take away our first amendment right.
The Internet as we now it has been around since about 1990, introducing web pages and email. Censorship in America was just a basic group called EFF to prevent hackers. Many people went to court with the EFF because of abuse of Internet. In 1994, newsgroups were banned from Carnegie- Mellon University, because the groups were being “sexually explicit”. In 1995, pornography was introduced to Internet. The Internet became a new uncharted place, and some people became terrified of that.
Today, Internet is even more watched and censored. Though NSA in America worries some people on our lack of freedom on the Internet, the Internet is freer than in other countries. In fact, America isn’t even on the top ten of censored countries, though that might change in a few years. North Korea has the most censorship, with only 4% of its citizens having Internet access. Saudi Arabia mimicked a news website to post fake news stories. To own an internet router in Cuba, you must pay a ridiculous amount of money.
Countries who censor the Internet use that as leverage toward a dictatorship. China and North Korea are both countries where the government is slowly becoming one person. Though they might not be to the point of a dictatorship, they are still considered communist countries. North Korea has the most censored Internet, with its ruler Kim Jang Un allowing whatever he wants through. Recently, citizens of North Korea had to witness the execution of their ruler's own uncle through the Internet and the television. It was a way to show the people of North...

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