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Internet Ethics And Copyrights Essay

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There are many things that are good about the Internet and one of them is how fast we can share information and where your information can be saved, either in the cloud or on a hard drives.  In my survey, I found that exactly half of the people use cloud storage.  There are also a growing number of places that you can get movies and music for free.  “In 1999, Napster, then acting outside the law, made it possible for consumers to access their favorite music by taking it off the Internet in the form of MP3 files” per Marketing Week.  The site was later shut down by the government but it led to the power of the Internet and the ability to downloading content without pay for it.  According to British Phonographic Industry in Marketing Week, the digital downloading has “had a catastrophic effect” on the sales of music.  Downloading music or sharing it for free, also known as P2P or peer-to-peer, has been a large part in the 38% decline in albums and single sales. That equals a loss of a little more than 2 billion dollars, according to the International Federation of Phonographic Industries in Market Week.
In Canada, a court ruling could make ISP (Internet Service Providers) name the names of people who download content illegally.  This would cut down on the number of people who do it by a large amount.  According to Digital life, a Minnesota woman was ordered to pay $220,000 because she downloaded 24 songs.  The ruling in Canada means that people cannot hide behind their IP addresses.  In the mid-2000s in the United States, people of all different backgrounds received notices of lawsuits against them over illegal downloads.  So, over all, right now you can download whatever you want, but in the not-so-distant future, don't be surprised if you receive a letter from the government over your actions online, or when the courts In the US rule to have ISPs turn over IP addresses for those who download music and other digital content illegally. (Vancouver Sun)
With my survey, I found 68% of people use some kind of mobile device to access the Internet, while others use a home or work computer.  According to BBC Monitoring European, “There is a 15% yearly increase in the amount of people who would prefer to use a phone to read the news and for social networking, against a 17% decline for desktop computers.”  The increase in mobile users means more information is accessed and more information out there.  Businesses know this because, “Mobile advertising is twice as effective as on a desktop in driving brands,” said in BBCs article.  Its not just effective because it gets in front of the market, but because it targets who sees the ads and when.  Consumer Policy Review said “Google has told advertisers that it can deliver ads to any mobile device that accepts cookies.”  They also mentioned a “marketing system designed to deliver personalized interactive messages wherever we are - its emerging as one of the main features of the Internet...

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