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Internet Is What Is Global Area Network

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Global Area Network
M. Uma Shankar (13MIT0022)
What is Global Area Network:
Global Area Network is a network, composed of interconnected of different networks that cover a unrestricted geographical area. The term is synonymous with Internet, which is called as Global Area Network.
Compared to Local Area Network (LAN)and Wide Area Network(WAN), Global Area Network covers a large geographical area, because a Global Area Network(GAN) is used to support mobile communication over a number of wireless LAN’s, the challenge of any GAN is transferring user communication from one local area to the next local area.
The most used network after GAN type is Broadband GAN. The Broadband GAN is a glob al satellite internetwork that uses portable terminals for telecommunication. The terminals will be connected to computers, laptops in remote areas to broadband internet.
Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN):
BGAN is global satellite internetwork that can uses portable terminals for telecommunication. The terminals used to connect computers, laptops to broadband internet in remote areas, even if as long as line-of-sight to the satellite exists, In anywhere terminal can be used. The Value of BGAN terminals is that different other satellite internet services which is required huge and heavy satellite dishes to connect, a BGAN terminal is about the size of a computer or laptop and that can be carried easily. The network is provided by Inmarsat and uses 3 geostationary satellites to give almost global coverage.
It is a world leading satellite Service Company and its services enables the users to make phone calls, video and access the internet.
High-end BGAN terminals having both upload and downlink speed up to 492Kbits/sec, by getting this speed is due to BGAN Background IP (BIP) is a common channel. Latency is an issue when connections with all geosynchronous satellite channels. Common Latency is 1-1.5 seconds for every round trip for BIP service. It is much better for the streaming services at 800ms to 1 second. This latency is because of great distance that has to be traveled before a packet will reach the internet,but is slightly exacerbated by the back-end technology as normal latency over a Very Small Aperture Terminals(VSAT) system is approximately 550ms.
BGAN users frequently use PEP software or other packet accelerators to increase the performance. Multiple manufacturers are made BGAN terminals. All the terminals have similar capabilities. The main two services that apply to basic BGAN usage are the Standard Background Ip and Telephone voice. The ISPs charges for BGAN service averages about US$7.50 per Background Megabyte. For voice calling is on average US$1 per min and varies depends on the destination of the call like landlines, cell phones, other satellite phones which are more expensive.
Nowadays BGAN is the fastest available global data link through portable terminal. It has good voice...

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