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Internet Piracy Essay

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Internet Piracy: Learn the Knowledge and Awareness
Lawmakers and police enforcement have cracked down on crime in the nation’s streets, making many criminals move to a low ground scale. The internet web is full of criminal activity with major fraud crimes; Internet Piracy is often overseen. This has led to the decreasing budget of the entertainment business and other related careers. The internet became filled with videos published publically for any use. Intellectually property is shared between millions of users causing the issues with copyrights and the crime of internet piracy that has affected every movie production and person involved with the films and further grows with improper ...view middle of the document...

The issue with this is that many Americans have no idea that this exists or any knowledge of the consequences of stealing intellectual property. The growing number of users is proportional to the number of users in the American schools. While the advancements in technology grow, so do the users within the internet and the younger ages of those users. According to Colin Jeavons, the CEO of Vertical Search Works a technology service for intellectual property said, “Seventy percent of young adults ages 18-29 have downloaded illegal copies of music and movies, and online piracy is estimated to be a $10 million business driven by advertising. Pirate Bay, a torrent directory, reportedly increased traffic after the introduction of the U.S. Copyright Alert System content monitoring scheme in 2011.” Not only will the issue further expand to affect every American, it will hurt each users legally with fines and felonies. Because congress has made the issue a criminal act that is still unaware to the American public.
Any crime is considered an issue to the FBI or any law enforcement agency; but what about Internet piracy. Fighting crime on the streets of major cities and neighborhoods around the nation, theft, gun violence, and intentional torts occupy law enforcements time. While these are still problem that need solutions, they receive massive amounts of attention and awareness to communities. When pirated property is being downloaded for free, there is no awareness and attention to the fact that it is stealing. Any form of stealing is taken into disciplinary actions inside schools, work, and at home. Many low grounds take longer to find, but with the help of advancing technology, the web becomes bigger and more well-known. The bigger the internet gets, the more it can hold within. This becomes a problem because there is no limit of pirated information on the web. Without the proper awareness of today’s youth, the issue of expansion inside the internet will further increase and be taken advantage of.
Intellectual property is stolen nearly every second of each day, millions of downloads each day for free are stealing profits, copyrights and rights from the American producers. “It is against the law, the majority of the population has pirated or been involved with a piracy act” Many will see this as just a easier, less expensive way for entertainment without physically harming others but it hurts many American workers in the industry. Whether the user who pirated the property is aware of the effects of internet piracy; each theft of the millions of downloads is now encrypted in the web. FBI watchdogs and government officials has taken a stand against the theft of intellectual property saying “Preventing intellectual property theft is a priority of the FBI’s criminal investigative program. We specifically focus on the theft of trade secrets and infringements on products that can impact consumers’ health and safety” (FBI). This problem is becoming a...

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