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Internet Privacy: A Right Or A Privilage?

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Internet Privacy: Right or Privilege
Privacy has always been a key personal right for many people. People need that personal space or bubble to themselves that nobody else can penetrate. Especially with the way everything is heading today with the new technologies on the brink nobody has any alone time. It is becoming more and more of a hot topic to people. They want to know that their personal information stays personal, and out of reach of other people. With all the ways that people’s privacy can be breached they have a reason for being a little worried. Out of all these one of the bigger topics is internet privacy. What happens to all their information that is used and posted on the internet? The internet lacks security and legislation when it comes to email providers, search engines, and social networking sites. This has led some people to use private peer-to-peer communication networks such as Freenet and BitTorrent.
First, most people would assume that the emails they send to each other are private and will stay private. Well that may not be completely true. Thanks to out of date privacy laws. The government can about snap their finger and be able to view your electronic messages and private emails.(Frolik) “The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986,” experts said, “states that the government does not need a warrant to obtain emails and electronic messages that are 180 days old or that have been opened.” The law came out only two years after the year that the book nineteen eighty-four was written. (Orwell) This is too long without a change in the privacy laws. Mike Brickner, director of communications and public policy for the ACLU of Ohio said, “We haven’t had a wide-scale change in our privacy laws since the 1980s and imagine where we were with technology back then compared to today.” The only thing they need to obtain this information is a subpoena. Most average Americans never find out that they are being snooped on until charges are made due to the surveillance. Unfortunately, it is not certain how often information or personal emails about email users are used by the government agencies as part of their investigation.(Frolik) Although in the last 6 months of 2012 Google received 8,438 requests from law enforcement agencies for user information. (Frolik) Clearly, something needs to be done about all this email and messaging snatching in the future. (Frolik)
Second, thanks to the new and improved Google Maps internet snooping has become much easier. Google’s satellites are now taking 360 degree images over some of the country’s major cities. (Ulanoff) How it works is the view starts at nationwide and can be zoomed all the way to street view. (Ulanoff) As their satellites get better and better it makes it worse for people in these major cities. Currently San Francisco is the only city that people’s faces can actually be made out. (Ulanoff) The other cities are not quite to this point, but with technology as it is becoming...

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