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Internet Security: Hackers Essay

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The internet has brought pleasures and benefits to our lives since it was invented. Although this fact is true, Internet permits strangers “called hackers” to spy, hack and enter our private world in networks. According to Network world, one website was hacked every five seconds. Hacking is a taboo operation by stealthily accessing. During hacking, the hackers steal user’s data and their money. Also, they may destroy their computer or their important projects, and they build strong link between their computer and user’s computer to enter on it whenever they want to. In order to prevent hackers from infiltrating computers, users must install security programs, have strong accounts, and avoid ...view middle of the document...

Furth more, they should not click on any fraudulent links that are sent by strange people, and they must not download any pictures and files that are sent to their email because if they downloaded any pictures or files that they receive, they would have viruses that are in downloading files. Also, they must create deferent and powerful passwords for their accounts. For example, a strong password contains capital and small letters and numbers are not sequential, and it should be hard to guess. The last but not least, users must delete cookies that “small text files that a web server stores on a computer”. Cookies can be connection channels that hackers can access through them to user’s computer. Therefore, users should remove them when they connect with the internet.
What a reckless action it is that users share their personal information with strange people in social websites or anywhere. Consequently, users are going to be victims for identity thefts that certainly will counterfeit users’...

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