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Internet: The Unequivocal Leverage To The Children

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Do you know what the meaning of the Internet is? According to Barry (2008), basically it is a global network sharing data in such a way that any computer, anywhere, that is equipped with a modem or broadband. The internet is a massive network of computer from around the world all connected by cable and satellite when users are connected to the internet. Most children have access to the Internet at school or home. In either case, the Internet is viewed as an environmental element with potential developmental impact. This view has been supported by a research finding and has been represented in theoretical models. There are a lot of positive influences of the internet to the children such as it can improve their mind to be more intellectual, can make the children become more socially interactive and make them motivated themselves in individually.

“Internet like a blood, pump through our vein that you keep us alive”. One of the advantages of the internet for children is it can improve children’s mind to be more intellectual. What is said is aware, the Internet is a gateway to knowledge and it is the largest library facilities provide all the knowledge available on this earth. By surfing the internet as a way to learn, we will be able to born intellectual generations. Intellectual generation’s means the children are able to think of out of the box for an infant and we can produce first-class minded children. We also can born a student or children that can think more advance and intellectual in their life. This is because; children can get the latest news and information on the web anytime everywhere. It must be interesting if children make a good use of the web because what teachers teach you is not always the latest thing. John Allen Paulos (2007) stated that The Internet is the world's largest library. It's just that all the knowledge is on our hand. We will have all the knowledge by surfing the Internet, regardless of knowledge that is in Malaysia or outside Malaysia. This is an opportunity for children to travel the world and to escape from the real world when sitting in a chair. Therefore, the children will be faster than the other step and it will be developed children mind to be the best among the best.
In addition, as a consequence of the positive influence of internet for the children is the children can improve their language skill. The internet also can help them to perform a good achievement in listening, speaking, reading and writing skill. Nowadays, the technology of the internet has become more advance. By using the internet children can speak with their friends in local country or others country. With this they can improve their speaking and listening skill, they will be able to talk more influence. Example, the children can use language skill to obtain more friends and make him more loved by others.
One of advantages of is it can train them to be more socially interactive. By surfing...


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