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Internet Thugs...Say It To My Face

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1. The Toulmin Model exercise that our class did at the beginning of the unit, played the biggest part in my understand of argument and writing an argument paper. It was very interesting to learn in such a fun approach. I recall myself and my partners (Stefanie and Alexis), using the toulmin model( warrant, backing, qualifier), to solve a mystery murder case. We also created another argument based on the television show Jersey Shore. After doing this exercise a few times, I grew very confident in my ability in academic writing. I found that the pieces of reading that our class participated in during this unit, played no impact to me whatsoever. This was the first time, I possessed no drive to use the readings in my paper. I will admit that Sara Ahmed’s Recognizing Strangers was fairly interesting, but none of the stories matched correctly with my argument. After completing my mini dialogue project, I realized how much my essay topic sucked. The claim was way too broad, I needed to focus-in on a certain aspect of social media, instead to simply talking about social media as a whole. An online commercial that I had found online, along with advice from my classmates, helped me to change my essay topic to “internet thuggin.”The argument paper checklist was the most helpful for myself because I had changed my essay topic so close to the rough draft deadline.
2. I believe that I have developed a deep understanding for critical thinking, not just from this unit, but from the entire writing semester. Back in October, our class read a section in the Writing Analytically workbook called “ Seems to be about X but is really about Y.” In this section, an important tip that is giving to all critical writers is to “be suspicious of your first responses”. As you write your initial claims, be on the look out for new developing ideas that may pop up, in order to create new claims in an evolving thesis. Of course as always, the notice and focus exercises helped me greatly with my primary and secondary sources. My argument on how internet tough guys behave in a different way on social media required a lot of analysis. I needed to analysis how internet tough guys function in our society, why they take pride in degrading others, and why there preference of bashing is on the internet, rather than face-to-face. I particulaly analysised the difference between a confrontation on the internet and a confrontation in the real world.It is easier to communicate with an enemy on the internet, because you avoid the real-life tensions that take place. When having a disagreement with someone in front of a person’ s face, one is forced to look at the rage in each other’s eyes and their intimidating facial gestures.
3. A rhetoric is the process of using the most effective strategies for influencing one’s thoughts. Rhetoric focuses on how ideas are used, shared, communicated, and manipulated. Without a rhetoric, there would not be a proper academic argument. I attempted to be a...

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Internet Thugs...Say It To My Face

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