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Internet Use Disorder Essay

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Internet Use Disorder (IUD) is a wide spread issue, an overlooked issue in the 21st century it’s still not really accepted in our culture, 24 years after the Internet was invented, though it’s now a limited researched issue, that still needs a lot of funding to help resolve the undergoing addiction.
Internet addiction disorder (IAD) was first proposed by Ivan Goldberg which was actually a parody Greg Beato. (2010). Internet addiction is a subsection of technology addiction said to have started in the 1930’s. As time has evolved we have gained new technology such as radio, and television which has said to have started Internet addiction.
Internet addiction disorder has been debated about its classification, between impulse control disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. IUD, comes into many different categories, coming with different effects in different sub categories – General Surfing, Internet Gambling, Celebrity Gossip, Websites/Blogs, Social Networks/Dating Sites, Porn, and Online Gaming.
IUD is heavily linked to depression, a study shows that 1.2% of people surveyed were addicts of the Internet, a majority suffered from depression this was, Leeds University team stressed that they could not say one caused the other. "What is clear, is that for a small subset of people, excessive use of the Internet could be a warning signal for depressive tendencies." Leeds University. (2010).
Health risks is a general factor to Internet addiction over the spread sub categories. Large issues have been brought up into the news in the past 10 years mainly over online gaming; large amounts of people have died in Korean whilst gaming online BBC. (2005), South Korea took this information into their own hands and created laws around gaming, as Korea has a large online gaming culture. A law passed in 2011 that banned children 16 and under from playing from midnight The Guardian. (2013) Some MMORG’s have been listed more addictive than cocaine, with 11 million active plays globe Ian Sparks. (2009) – it’s said to be one the most addictive game in the world – with endless amount of children/teenagers/adults immersing them-selves into the game, said to have people playing for 24 hour straight without toilet breaks, epileptic-type seizures have happened due to mass sleep deprivation, and lack and natural human, such as food, and water.
Video Game Addiction
Video Game addiction was not really a massive issue when video game arcades were introduced in the 1980’s as they could only play for a certain amount of time, as we had to pay to use. Until about a decade ago, when home consoles where introduced properly and every child, teenager, adult had one or sometimes multiple. From that we had children and teenagers being brought up around consoles which were a massive hit, we already knew what technology was as television was seen as a family time. We hit an age, when the average user could connect to the Internet with their consoles, or computers – an online gaming...

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