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Internet2 was formed in 1006 with an original 34 institutions participating. With Internet2, the Clinton Administration was trying to advance technologies for many people. Their first step was to connect 100 institutions at 100 times the speed of the current internet. The applications generated by this research have already had a positive affect on fields such as health care, national security, distance learning, energy research, environmental monitoring, and manufacturing.

Internet2 is an extremely interesting subject. One very important fact to keep in mind throughout learning about Internet2 and its different goals and purposes is that Internet2 is not meant to replace the present day form of the Internet, but rather to improve tomarrow's form of the Internet. Internet2, today, has grown into a consortium, or agreement that is being carried out by a group of 206 universities all across the United States. These various universities are working as partners along with industry as well as the government in hopes to develop and eventually deploy more advanced network applications and technology. This newly created network applications, along with the technology, will help to better the forms of Internet that will be available in the future. What Internet2 is really doing is completely recreating the partnership between education, industry and the government, which is what brought the Internet to its current state.

There are three primary goals that Internet2 is aiming to accomplish. The first goal is to create a leading edge network capability for the national research community. The second goal is to enable revolutionary Internet applications. The thrid goal of Internet2 is to ensure the rapid transfer of new network services and applications to the broader Internet community. To carry out these goals, Internet2 has set up several working groups, sepcial interest groups and advisory groups. Once these groups are assembled, they go and carry out what are called development activities. Each group or area has a leader called a Director that is responsible for these activities. The members workig within these groups are made up of people from various businesses from industy, government representatives and people selected from the 206 universities participating. Each of the three areas have their own distinctive roles and duties.

The working groups are first set into one of the Internet2 technical areas. These technical areas include Applications, Backbone Network Infrastructure, End-to-End, Engineering, and Middleware. Each working group has a web site describing their goals, milestones, events, current activity, and other information. The special interest groups are generally centered around common interests among all of the areas. these people have a lot of experience and are always at the other group members disposal for help and advice. The interest groups within the Internet2 project...

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