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Internet2 New Wave Of The Future Essay

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Since its beginning in 1969, the Internet has grown from four host computer systems to tens of millions. One of the greatest things about the Internet is that nobody really owns it. It is a global collection of networks, both big and small. These networks connect together in many different ways to form the single entity that we know as the Internet.When the Internet was first developed, it was not intended for what it is used for today. It has spawned like a mutation of sorts. Nowadays, almost everything is on the web. People pay there bills online, do their shopping, communicate back and forth with each other, and even watch TV. Although very good for being a mutation, the current Internet is not designed for the next generation of applications. That is where Internet2 comes in. It promises to simplify the way we work on the web as well as make it easier for us to do our everyday tasks.Internet2, which is currently in development, is the new wave of the future. Unlike its predecessor before, Internet2 is far better planned. Internet2 shows what the net will do three to five years down the road. Internet2 is a high-performance network that uses an entirely different infrastructure than the public Internet. The heaps of bandwidth which Internet2 has the capacity to handle has opened up a new world of applications that are either too bandwidth-intensive to run on the commercial Internet or are simply not able to function on its existing hardware infrastructure. Internet2 has enough bandwidth to stream a satellite-quality picture along with crystal-clear surround sound all the way across the country with no visible...

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