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Internship Analytical Paper

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My internship with the small business, The Cambridge Professional Center, LLC located in Morristown, NJ was a uniquely incredible experience. During my time at the center, I was able to work on a range of different projects, like publishing a book to sitting in and partaking in therapy sessions; consequently, I was able to explore, in the real world, the two fields I want to major in, Psychology and English. Although I have only interned at the center for three weeks or 78 hours, this experience has taught me a great deal about others and myself; furthermore, the senior project has shown me what I want to do in the future. In fact, brainstorming and writing this paper has helped me reflect ...view middle of the document...

Learning to work with and give advice to people who are different than me was challenging at first. The majority of the people at this business are very disorganized; meanwhile I am very, very organized. I had to calm myself down several times when people did not show up for scheduled interview times or while I waited and waited for the manuscripts to be sent over for me to work on. Although it was extremely irritating working with disorganized people and a business, as a result of their faults, I learnt to problem solve in the real world. Working in the real world, although for a short period of time, taught me an abundance of real life lessons that I would have been missing if I had not done the senior project.
Coined with new lessons, the senior project also helped me specifically shape my career goals and plans. Before doing this experience, I knew that I wanted to major in Psychology and English, specifically journalism, in college; however, I still did not know how I would infuse the two fields together. In addition, I did not know if I wanted to work in clinical or industrial psychology. Taking a risk by sitting and participating in therapy sessions at The Cambridge Professional Center, LLC showed me that I want to focus on clinical psychology. This experience also showed me that I can use my passion for writing in a clinical psychology business. During my internship all the social media work, publication of the book, and development of the businesses advertisement incorporated writing. The internship affirmed for me that I should double major in Psychology and Journalism and after further reflecting on my experience, I think that right out of college I want to focus on my writing and landing a job for an already established New York journalism business. But, after I settle down and have kids of my own, I want open my own small, clinical psychology business where I can work my own hours and still do the things I love. Although my path can always change, the clarity of my career path that the senior project has given me is priceless. Because of my...

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