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Internship App Essay

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Client population
There are several populations that interest me however possible preferences include families that deal with domestic abuse and those who are disabled. Working with families that have experienced domestic violence is an interest because in the past I had friends whose family was dealing domestic violence and the impact could clearly in all members of the family. Seeing the difference that was made by those who worked to help their family made this population a preference. Another population that is a possible preference is are those who are disabled. The interest to help those who were disabled started when a faculty called Edelweiss opened. Up to that point there had been ...view middle of the document...

Being able to see the changes that happened throughout that year is one experience that will always be remembered. Along with Edelweiss, a couple of months ago I moved in with someone I know that has Epilepsy. When living there, there were times that she was not able to drive and much of the driving for her and children was done by me. Seeing how disabilities can impact not only the life the one who has the disability but also the family made it real on a personal level. The desire to if possible make it easier on those who are disabled grew through both of those experiences.

Personal / professional work experience:
During high school there were several opportunities to volunteers in the community. The sites and job descriptions can be seen in the Experiences influencing decision to become a social worker and Experience with population section. Around my junior year, the desire to get a job won out and an application was submitted to Culvers for the new store in Greenfield. I was hired and started working the cash register and the dining room. The lessons learned during that time were great; patience, how to deal with difficult customers and not to take insults given personally. This job helped develop the ability to read people’s emotions and remain calm when there is despite customer’s attitudes. This job was held for several years, starting in November of 2006 and ending when summer before the transfer to Ball State in May of 2012. During the summer, in order to have time to prepare to move to Muncie a babysitting job was found. In the couple of months that this job was held several lessons were held. One of the biggest lessons was that the rules for interacting with adults and the children babysat for a few hours did not apply. There were several behavioral issues present that taught me patience and how to remain calm even when stressed. By the time the summer came to an end there was an understanding of what worked best with each child and the behavior had improved. All the jobs or volunteer positions held gave a unique perspective on people and to interact with all types of personalities. While there may have been times when my patience was tested many valuable lesson were learned that will help in the social work field.

Experiences influencing decision to become a social worker:
There were a few experiences that influenced me to become a social worker. Three of those were Edelweiss Equine Assisted Therapy Group Inc, Hancock Regional Hospital and the Kindred nursing home in Greenfield. The areas that I was involved in Edelweiss can be seen in the Experience with population section above. At the hospital the duties required were: passing water to patients and spending, filling folders for new patients and spending time with the patients that had no visitors. During this seeing the difference that one person can make when they show people they are important became clear. The internship that was done for Ivy tech a confirmation that...

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