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Internship Final Report/Reflection

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The business used for my internship this semester was Hyatt Place in Rogers, Arkansas. This location was once an AmeriSuites that was renovated into a Hyatt Place. The Rogers Hyatt Place is owned by McKibbon Hotel Management. McKibbon also owns seventy five other hotels in ten other states in the Southeastern United States. Hyatt Place has one hundred and three rooms in either king or two doubles. All of the rooms are suites and are separated into a couch area, and a bed area. Each room also holds a refrigerator, desk and flat screen t.v with HD channels. Hyatt Place has four main departments within the hotel. These departments include management, front desk, ...view middle of the document...

List the names and titles of managers and/or supervisors in the organization:
General Manager- Annette Nichols
Assistant General Manager- Jessie Garcia
Sales Director- Nicki Zimmerman
Operations Manager- Kelsey Steele
4. How many employees are working in the organization? 29
5. Do the organization have policy and procedure manuals available to employees at all time? If so, list some of the major policies of the organization.
Yes, Hyatt Place has a policy and procedure guide over greeting a guest after they walk through the door. First, greet them immediately after they walk through the door. Second, never ask if they are here to check in. Instead, ask how they are doing and make a connection. After a connection is made, continue with the check in and the conversation. Ask questions over guest's comments and be engaged. While this process is taking place, smile and make eye contact. Once the guest has gone to their room, wait ten minutes and then call to see how the room looks. This is also the last chance upon their arrival to see if they need anything. It is important to help the guest with whatever they need.
The second policy and procedure manual is over keeping the Grab-n-Go stocked and fresh. Hyatt Place has a strict three day freshness rule on the items kept in the Grab-n-Go. There is a chart behind the front desk with a box for each pastry, salad or sandwich item. These boxes hold the date of which the item needs to be taken out of the Grab-n-Go and thrown away. The items that were past date had to be changed at the end of the second shift.
6. Briefly state the objectives you hope to accomplish during your internship.
The objectives I made for myself at the start of this internship start with learning the four computer systems in Hyatt Place. These computer systems include the check-in system, the reservations system, the food and beverage system, and the movie rental system. Each system is separated from one another. The second objective is to train new employees. The third objective is to learn how to complete AGM reports. The goal is to learn as many management tasks as possible.
Job Description and Learning Experience
Job Description
My job description during the internship was a Gallery Host. The duties of a Gallery Host behind the front desk include answering the phone, check-ins, check-outs, completing the shift list and helping the guests with any request. There were several instances that I was behind the front desk by myself with a long line of check-ins and the phone was ringing off the hook. Hyatt Place policy states that we are to never let the phone ring without picking it up. Then comes the calls about reservations. Reservations were often frustrating because it was hard to hear over the phone, and the guest was often either too fast or too slow with information. Working in a hotel is all about embracing the juggling act.
The tasks with food and beverage include storing the...

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