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TABLE OF CONTENTS2IntroductionThe Training 2Summary 7IntroductionI will take this opportunity to present my observations and analysis on the teachers' training held at Kaithi. I have abstained myself from mentioning any person's name in this report except in places where people were explicitly asked to express their views and in the minutes of the sessions. This is because I firmly believe that the blame-game is of no use if we want to solve our problems and move ahead in the right direction. I will restate the fact that this report is my personal viewpoint and the readers may agree or disagree with it.Let me start off with a little background on this teachers' training. As an intern, I was really very curious to know the reasons behind the failure of a lot of efforts namely teachers involvement in the decision making process, availability of resources like books etc. and teacher training sessions. All of these looked very logical and positively directed towards improving the quality of interaction between the students and teachers at the two schools in Reoti. I had already attended the 3 day conference at Reoti to understand the working of Asha chapters and meet all the attendees. After that, I spent around 3 weeks in Reoti to take a first hand and unbiased look at what exactly is going on. Although I caught some cold during this period and had to take some rest, I could meet a lot of teachers personally, observe them during the classes and was getting a hold over the things going on. I was informed that a 2-day teachers' training session has been arranged at Kaithi. It was a golden opportunity to be a part of this training program and I could not afford to miss it. The scheduled dates were 26th and 27th July. The teachers were supposed to reach Kaithi on 25th. Since I was returning via Kaithi after getting some rest at my home in Korba, I thought it would be an unnecessary exertion to go to Reoti and then come back to Kaithi after 2 days. Hence I decided to stay at Kaithi from 23rd July and then return to Reoti with the teachers after the training. This gave me an opportunity to look at how an organization like Asha has been able to run and manage these trainings on such a low-cost model. Although I appreciate the effort and support of all those who made this training program a success, I think that these trainings will be far more effective if the trainer actually visits the schools unannounced, looks at the teachers, evaluate their performance based on the previous trainings and then move ahead accordingly. It clearly makes more sense both logistically and logically.As I was informed, the venue of the next training scheduled in September is Reoti. I am in complete support of this decision.The TrainingI think that the previous section was enough to set the pretext of this training for the readers of this report. Let me now narrate this exciting period of 25th -27th July at Kaithi. After some last minute change of plans at the teachers' end, we...

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