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Internte Addiction And Co Dependency Essay

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Good morning, today I come to discuss the use of the Internet. Surely most of you at the moment when you decide to do your homework, the first thing you do is turn on the computer and connect to Facebook, and I should admit that I used to be one of those people. For starters, an addiction, is the need that people have to carry out with certain activities as may be eating or drinking, because of the satisfaction that this does to the addict. This is also called "Co-dependency".
The situation today is the Internet misuse, and those who are exposed the most are teenagers, because in adolescence is when we are most vulnerable and manipulable. It is very important to be aware of how much time you spent on the Internet and social networks and realize if you are exceeding the limits so you know if you are facing a problem with "Internet addiction", as this distracts us from the loved ones and society in general stealing much of our life, as we stop doing ...view middle of the document...

Such cases are warning society about the consequences of the bad use of the web.
It is clear that in order to put to good use the Internet and social networks, you have to use them for what they are, for the purpose they were created and no more, since we have reached the point in which the Internet has become the way people base their lives. All of you, the new generation of young people, are "plugged in" to the Internet, the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to send or check text messages on your cell phones, post a wall on Facebook, send a tweet in Twitter, and post pictures in Instagram. As for the importance or significance of the development of an issue like Internet abuse in the current society, research is key, because in the world increasingly younger people intrude in computer, making it more a part of their everyday life, so they are exposed to a range of information and misinformation, which can greatly affect their psychological development. Every time more people under 14 are connected. Teenagers are the essential consumers of the Internet and the newest technology products like laptops, video games, cell phones, etc. All of you navigate and chat from the cell because you have a great technological adaptability and handled almost intuitively with new devices, with the ability to move from one technology to another because they have logic and common patterns. Y’all were born with the new technology and that is why it results familiar with every new device.
With the same ease with which your parents pick up the phone, hundreds of thousands of daily teenagers incorporate technologies that are changing the way they communicate to each other and the world. The meeting place is no longer outside, is the Internet. People hide in cyber space because it is a way of not being alone and being communicated with a group.
You can pretend to be someone else, leave conversations without saying goodbye or enter the chat as invisible, it generates relationships that wouldn’t exist somewhere else. This is something that every one of you need to realize is not a real friendship or relationship. This can become a problem because you can loose the ability to talk to people or maintain a conversation.

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