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Interpersonal Communication: How It Is Used In The Preschool Environment

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From the moment a child takes her first breath, she starts communicating with everyone around her; although she can’t speak yet, she can communicate through facial expressions, voice noises, pitch, and tone. Everyone around her can tell if she is happy, sad, or angry just by the actions and face expressions she uses. This small set of communication skills will continue to develop as the child grows older.
Different experiences will help the child begin to use and fine tune their communication skills; a baby learns that when she screams, she will get food or she will get changed or comforted; this behavior then continues because the child knows what will happen when she cries. As child grows into toddlerhood and eventually to preschool age, this communication will develop into asking for food with words like please and thank you.
A very important experience a child can have throughout the course of preschool and even elementary school is the chance to use dramatic play. A child in this setting has the wonderful opportunity to create a world of their own that they have power over. A child can participate in this alone or participate with a group of children. This gives the child an opportunity to play with different types of communication, whether they are role-playing as Mommy or Daddy or the family pet. The knowledge they have at that point of the world they live in will show during this play; if the teacher walks by while the children are playing, it is possible that she will hear a conversation that happened in the house when they overheard their parents talking. Overall, this type of play teaches children how to make friends, how to communicate with those friends, and how to maintain those friendships.
A child may have some difficulty using communication skills; once she starts preschool, she might have a hard time creating and maintaining friendships. She might even get bullied excessively or even bully other children. There might be situations where the child is too overbearing or unreceptive to problem solving, or times when the child doesn’t behave in group time or misunderstand conversations, facial expressions, or non-verbal signs. A child having difficulty communicating might not understand humor and interrupt conversations at regular intervals at inappropriate times. All of these signs can be seen in one child at that moment, but they are common with all children at one point in their development.
When a child starts preschool, the teacher is appointed the task of teaching the child more about different communication skills as well as give them opportunities to fine-tune those skills. Before the teacher can begin to teach the children interpersonal can begin to teach the children interpersonal communication, she has to first learn how to use interpersonal communication herself; communication, empathy, positive motivation, non-verbal communications, and humor are key communications for any teacher to have.
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