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Interpersonal Communication Skills Essay

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 Communication is the desire to be understood and is to indicate to the human nature (Davis,2005). All of the patients the nurses attend to are either petrified of hospitals and their surrounding, or simply calm with in the surroundings. Effective communication can simply eliminate or severely reduce anxiety with in the anxious patients. The reasons for interpersonal communication allows us to express our personalities whilst still in the work force and why it is so important. Throughout this essay it will be arguing the present issues surrounding the hospital setting and how interpersonal communication can have positive and negative affects.

Interpersonal communication can be done through either a sender ( Nurse) a receiver (Patient/Doctor/Nurse), and Feedback. The sender of the information has an intended purpose which can be conducted through a interview that the nurse has set up; and this can allow the receiver to absorb the intended information throughout the interview. This form of communication can be conducted either socially ; which includes an open environment (Open doors; in a cafeteria, or hallways) and a closed environment ( In a office, or in a patient room with the curtain’s closed). The closed interview is an ideal way for communicating to patients about their health. Through interpersonal communication in a closed environment can help to relieve stress and anxiety from the patient. These are clear signs on interpersonal communication skills can work effectively. Based on Matthew A. Davis’s article released in 2005 it discusses the perspectives of clinical empathy; of which it shows how empathy can encourage the provider ( Nurse) of compassion towards the patient and has been linked to patient empowerment and the ability to cope with illness(Davis,2005). Interpersonal communication can does play a key part with in the article as it has allowed for the exchange of information in allowing for the patient to become educated of their current or previous illness. Davis has clearly demonstrated how the attending nurse can connect with the patient in time of vulnerability and to build a stronger relationship with the patient, which has shown a positive outcome of interpersonal communication via the first step from the sender (Nurse). However, Davis did argue that Sympathy is defined as an emotional response to the suffering of another which can in fact allow a nurse to become too emotionally involved with the patient. This can have a negative effect on the nurse when the patient becomes deceased or has left the hospital.

Richard Pullen took a different stand on the way nurses communicate to patients from another culture and being culturally sensitive, and using specific techniques to skillfully communicate to the patient. Throughout Pullen’s article it talks about our first step towards cultural competence and encouraging nurses to expand their knowledge of other cultures. Throughout his article Pullen ...

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