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Interpersonal Conflicts Essay

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I do not need to copy many definitions from books, use plagiarism, or check thousands of websites to w honestly write about the concepts taught in this course. Concepts that have modified many of my ways of thinking that were previously erroneous.

The contents of this class have helped me learn more about the verbal, and non-verbal communication among different cultures, ethnic groups and societies. We all practice communication some how, but I feel privileged of learning more details about the concepts of interpersonal communications after finishing the course. Each chapter of the book offers a very interesting, and educational instruction about social problems in relation to ...view middle of the document...

Some of us have get offended by listening to someone who tells us how fat, or skinny we look. We have sometimes reacted furiously about opposing, or contradicting points of view during the development of a plan; specially if it doesn't benefit us personally. We all love sex, and enjoy feeling sexual attraction, but if this attraction is not controlled or used towards the wrong person, it can make us lose our friendships, and face new conflicts. Sexual attraction can affect a relationship negatively or positively.


During the instruction of the course, the word “commitment” stayed in my mind, because commitment is a decision to remain faithful in a relationship. The commitment unites human beings in all aspects. On the professional side, when all the office workers are committed to achieve monthly goals, the results are usually positive. When a couple truly takes a commitment to continue in faithfulness together, their marriage will last for many years or maybe forever. When a group of friends are committed to help each other, all of them will feel surrounded by hospitable people.

The interpersonal communication course also made me understand that the commitment is not only practiced interpersonally, but also individually. For example, if I have been a dirty and disorganized person for many years, I can eliminate those negative characteristics of my personality by accepting the commitment of cleaning around me, and putting things in the correct place. A good compromise leads people to success. Commitments must be made not only by words, or in writing, but also with strong will. When willingness to change something does not exist, then the commitment is only virtual and not real. Commitment can be difficult, but not impossible. In the end, the results will make us feel satisfied and happy.

Nonverbal communication

In our times, the non-verbal communication systems are becoming increasingly important. When we talk to someone, only a small part of the information we obtain from that person comes from his words. A large percentage of what we communicate happens through nonverbal language; words, gestures, appearance, posture, gaze and expression. Among the non-verbal communication systems we have
body language, and iconic language. Body language includes gestures, movements, tone of voice, our clothes, and even our body odor.These characteristics are also part of the message when we communicate with others. Examples of iconic language include morse code, universal codes (sirens, Morse, Braylle, sign language), semi-universal codes (kisses, signs of mourning or grieving), private or secret codes, or sports referees signals.

When I read, or listen to information about non-verbal communication, the following quotes comes to my mind, the first one says “The human body is the best picture of the human soul.” (Ludwig Wittgenstein), the second one says that “Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests...

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