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What is a relationship? There are different types of relationships that we have. All relationships begin with interpersonal communication. Communication and interactions, which happen amid two individuals to start, build, maintain, and occasionally either end or redefine a relationship. For some, relationships are easily forged, but how far they advance and whether they endure is up to the two people communicating with one another. We all have acquaintances, but how well we communicate will determine whether we become friends or in some cases intimates.
An acquaintance is someone whom is known by name and when we speak to him or her idle talk occurs. Personal details about oneself are not ...view middle of the document...

Quite the opposite, I truly enjoy running into them or knowing that I will see them. They make the sometimes-monotonous activities, such as grass cutting, paying bills or obedience training seem less so. Neither of us in each situation has ever tried to expand the conversations further.
Various people come and go in your life, but others stick around and remain as your friend. Friends are not easy to come by nor are they easy to maintain. Friendships require work just like everything else in life. A real friend will be there for you when you need them. Being able to trust this person is an essential element in obtaining and maintaining the relationship. Three friends that I have are my co-worker, a friend from high school and a teammate on my bowling team. I consider these people to be my friends because they provide emotional support when needed, they are someone that I can tell things and trust that it is safe information. If we disagree about something, we find a way to compromise and whatever it is work for us. Unlike my acquaintances, these friends will be there if I call. I hang out with these people outside of work or bowling. Although they are my friends, there are still topics that we do not get into at depth. An example of this would be finances, sex, religion or politics. We will discuss these in passing or in general but nothing in depth. Only one has the possibility of transitioning to a best friend or stronger relationship. This would be my bowling partner. We have started to hang out quite often outside of bowling and she is someone that I am comfortable going into detail about any of...

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