Interpersonal Therapy Case Study Of Susan

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Interpersonal Therapy Case Study of SusanInterpersonal therapy is short-term therapy for depression and other problems that looks for solutions and strategies to deal with interpersonal problems rather than spending time on interpretation and analysis. In the initial stages of interpersonal therapy, therapeutic goals typically include diagnosis, completing the requisite inventories, identifying the client's major problem areas, and creating a treatment contract.Presenting ProblemThis case study is about Susan, a young lady in her early twenties. She came to see me because her office manager had recommended that she should consult a professional to help her with her anger management problems.At first glance, she looked like a very reasonable human being and judging by her way of talking and her outgoing personality, I found it hard to believe that she had anger management problems. On inquiring from her she said that she did not believe that she had an anger management problem, only that she was an orderly person, and when things did not function as they should anybody would get angry. She thought that the office manager was over emphasizing the issue, and she agreed to come here just to satisfy the management.Precipitating factorsIn the first session which I had with her, I came to know more details about her work and also about her personal life. She was working as a financial analyst for a clothing company, and her job required her to meet strict deadlines on a regular basis. I also came to know that she had recently got married. Both these factors could have contributed to her being in a state of acute stress at all times and I suspected that she could be lashing out at other people as a reaction to all this stress. Her job as a financial analyst was a source of lot of stress for her and she did not know how she could relieve or reduce it.She had gotten married some 6 months back, but was now having mixed feelings about if she had made the correct choice. Her husband, Phil had been her friend for the last two years and they were close with each other. Phil had proposed to her and even though she just saw him as a close friend, she agreed to the marriage because she thought it would be fun staying together all the time. It was sometime after the marriage that she began to have doubts about the whole thing. In her mind she had imagined that things would stay as they were before marriage but now the reality of the marriage was sinking in, she now kept thinking about missed opportunities and if there might have been somebody better to whom she could have gotten married. She felt that she was not ready for this sort of commitment as yet, and that marriage meant that she would loose her independence. All these thoughts keep playing in her mind at all times.The other factor which was also causing her problems was her need to keep things in a neat and orderly fashion. She tended to explode if there was anything out of place at her workplace or even at...

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