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Interpreator Of Malides Year 11 English Essay

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A community can be defined in many different ways, but most commonly refers to a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality,share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage. Without realising, all of us here are apart of different communities, we all go to the same school, are around the same age and live in Australia. Some of us may also belong to communities outside of school such as sporting teams, part time jobs, religious groups and so on, now the point of this speech isn’t about how many times i can say the word communities within 5 minutes, but is actually about exploring the importance of these social groupings and those that are embodied in many of the short stories found in the anthology the interpreter of the maladies.

Communities, and feeling a sense of belonging is incredibly important for a large number of reasons first and foremost it means that we're not in the big bad world alone, we're not fighting our battles by ourselves. Within a community, we have a support network, people we can turn to for help - perhaps just to seek advice or at times for more literal support. We have others to share our lives with, like close family and friends, to care for and help in their time of need.

While almost everyone can relate to a group, there are still often scapegoats- someone who...

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