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Interpretation Adam And Eve Essay

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Three major books were researched on the interpretations of Adam and Eve and some extra. In the bible it says Adam was made from dust of the earth, while in the Talmud Adam is made from mud, and in the Qu’ran it says Adam was made from soil. The Jewish interpretation of Adam and eve are similar to both the Christian version and the Islamic view. The Jews do not believe in the original sin like the Christians. They believe everyone is born with a clean slate like the Muslims do. Christians believe that everyone is born tainted. Also some Jews believe that Eve was not the first woman and that Lilith was the first woman. These books even though were similar had major differences throughout the story of Adam and Eve.
The Jewish also believed in a different tradition of Adam and Eve. Jewish mythology came up with the idea of there being a woman before eve. The first woman is known as Lilith. They came up with this from genesis chapters one and two when it says “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them” (Genesis, 1:27, international version) and the second account is when it says “Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man”( Genesis, 2:22, international version).
So the scholars started to think about if man and women were created together than eve was created does that mean someone else was there? The Jewish came up with Lilith, they say Lilith left Adam because she refused to be submissive to Adam. When she left Adam, he became lonely. God saw that Adam was lonely so he put Adam in a deep sleep and took one of his ribs to create Eve. Some say that the first women, named Lilith, was part demon.
Christian’s bible story of Adam and Eve makes women look bad or lower than man. Man is considered a little lower than angels and women are considered a little higher than demons. In genesis two-three it says Adam is the first man God created. God created him out of dust from the Earth. God created him in a way just like God but on a lower level. Compared to the Islamic view Allah does not make God but a human. God had a garden named the Garden of Eden, it had all sorts of tree and fruits. In the middle of the garden was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God put Adam into the Garden of Eden for him to take care of.
God told Adam not to eat from this tree. Adam worked in the garden and took care of it. God saw Adam looking lonely so god put Adam in a deep sleep and took one of his ribs to make eve. Eve was tricked by a serpent that convinced her to eat from the tree of knowledge. After she ate the fruit she gave a piece to Adam. The fruit did not make them the way the serpent described as in all knowing like god but they did realized that they did not have any clothes. They got embarrassed by it so they made something to cover themselves out of leaves.
God was angry at Adam and Eve for what they have done. God kicked Adam...

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