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Interpretation Of The Reading Savage Inequality

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This essay explores personal interpretation of the reading “Savage Inequality” encompassing its distasteful quality and sociological perspectives while identifying my individual experience through commonality. The opening statement in the article Savage Inequalities referenced obvious signs of social inequalities losing its energy as society now view its origin as an everyday norm. Explaining it away as a reflection of the individual’s character is a faultless example of societies reacting to their definition of the situation relatively than the objective situation itself, as Symbolic Interactionism advocates. Contrasting the US educational system reflective in schools found in poor, middle and rich communities appears to be the focal point. A better education is often offered to a select group of privileged children against those with gaps, a problem greater than what is to be expected, however, we are not entirely unaware of its effects.

The theme examined East St. Louis and its non-favorable living conditions, a black community profoundly in lack observably beneath the poverty line breakable due to dangers of non- stability with few jobs and meager pay as a result of a fiscal deficit. City hall, the administration building of a municipal government, a representation of power appearing to be powerless without wealth. Constitutes an area of emergency as it becomes clearer the reality of this adversity is regarded within the social problem perspective on a macro level. According to Kozal (1999) “The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development describes it as “the most distressed small city in America” (Pp. 343-35). By far, this illustrates social problems are not necessarily self-inflicted”. Certainly this tragedy is a concise reflection of an economically impoverished city. The recurrent raw sewerage emerging around the city in homes, playgrounds and schools no doubt have become a perception of the resident’s reality. By this, we could expect a pattern observed as typical escaping the hint of social inequality. In general, its daily routine if not careful will be misconstrued as the norm.

Air, water, and food source quality are contributing factors to chronic illnesses which creates a great risk for all that lay open to it. Chronic conditions such as brain, respiratory, or birth defects are only a few potential health concerns to be referenced. Existing in a state of poverty in the city of East St. Louis created excessive vulnerabilities as the children were victimized confirming the linkage between poverty and crime, the overcrowding class rooms due to the shortage of staff, inadequate facilities and resources depicting an educational catastrophe.

We have been taught poverty and education co-exists. A child lacking the basic necessities such as food shelter and clothing is compromised educationally often time decreasing the graduation rate. Low paying teachers due to the budget increased the chances of not meeting teaching...

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