Interpretations Of Texts Can Shift And Change With Time And Place Reference To Slyiva Plath's "You're" And "Last Words"

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The interpretations of texts evolve as times change due to different ideas within society. These differing ideas bring with them more ways to look at a text and to gather new ideas from it. Different societies throughout the world can also draw different meanings from a text based upon the different experiences that a culture has been exposed to. Sylvia Plath’s poems have not escaped this change in interpretations. “You’re” and “Last Words” are two poems that have taken on different meanings as society has changed and different critical readings can be applied to these texts.The following readings of Plath’s poetry are possible because times have changed since they were written and new ways to analysis poetry and new critical readings have been developed. The change to social morals and values have also allowed the reader to apply different morals and values to the poems. Other reasons that different readings may be applied to Plath’s poetry are that it is now reaching more people with different backgrounds and heritage and different social experiences. Multiple readings of Plath’s poetry are also possible for these reasons. She was writing during a time of a major change in social attitudes which allowed more personal opinions to shine through and different ideas to develop within the poem. The below readings can greatly affect reader responses as they bring new ideas to the reader which may change their opinion of what they have been exposed to.“You’re” draws upon both biographical and psychoanalytical readings in the present day context to understand and draw out different ideas and meanings from the text. “You’re” shows the continuous and universal ideas about the growth of a child inside its mother and the thought process of trying to define what and who this child is. This theme is both universal as well it does not matter what part of the world or era that the reader is from they can identify with Plath’s feelings of motherhood and understand what she is saying.The biographical reading of “You’re” is highlighted through the use of similes to describe the gestation period of Plath’s first child “mute as a turnip from the Fourth of July to all Fools Day”. This simile also makes reference to Plath’s American heritage by naming the dates of conception and birth by well known and celebrated American holidays. This reference to her heritage, in a positive way, shows her happiness of being from America. The excitement and anticipation of Plath is also shown in the use of these popular and highly celebrated holidays. Plath is celebrating the arrival of her baby in the same regards that Americans choose to celebrate their favourite holidays. The continued use of similes and metaphors throughout the poem also alludes to the experiences of Plath during pregnancy “a creel of eels, all ripples. Jumpy as a Mexican bean.”. These...

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