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James, I (1603 – 1625)
A Companion to Stuart Britain, Barry Coward, 2003 by Blackwell Publishers LTD.
p.g. 233: “the first two Stuart kings of Great Britain, James VI and I and especially Charles I, harboured agressivley authoritarian ideas of kingship […] these ambitions generated political and religious instability and brought them into conflict with their leading subjects as represented in parliaments.”
p.g. 237: “to argue that James was committed to promoting stability and consensus is not to lose sight of his weaknesses as a ruler”.
James, I, Christopher Durston, 1993 Routledge Inc, London.
p.g. 64: “James initiated a process which began to erode away the respectful and deferential attitudes of the English people towards the monarchy”
p.g. 64: “James I possessed some major shortcomings as a ruler, the most damaging of which were his over-reliance on favourites, his complete neglect of his public image, and his inability to live within his financial means”.
Charles, I (1625 – 1649)
A Companion to Stuart Britain, Barry Coward, 2003 by Blackwell Publishers LTD.
p.g. 233: “the first two Stuart kings of Great Britain, James VI and I and especially Charles I, harboured agressivley authoritarian ideas of kingship […] these ambitions generated political and religious instability and brought them into conflict with their leading subjects as represented in parliaments.”
George Lawson’s Politica and The English Revolution, Conol Condren, Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge University Press 1989.
p.g. 123: “Charles I’s being initially responsible for the outbreak of war and Parliament’s being justified in punishing him”.
p.g. 126: “The King’s lack of command over the purse is mentioned to indicate that Parliament traditionally had a voice in government, but ship money passes silently in the night”.
p.g. 135: “Parliamentarians had gradually moved from blaming the King’s advisers, to blaming the King (as even royalists did). Making the general point that kingship per se was prone to tyranny”.
Oliver Cromwell (1649 – 1658)
Parliaments and politics during the Cromwellian Protectorate, Patrick Little & David L. Smith, United States of America by Cambridge University Press, New York, 2007.
p.g. 204: “Cromwell’s own concept of the...

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