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Interpretive Reproduction Essay

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Regardless of social class most parents wish for their children to be happy, healthy, and successful; however, parents disagree on the best way to raise their children to be all of those things, which is when social class determines the parents’ child rearing method. Whether a child comes from a working class or middle class family affects the child’s development and socialization; and consequently the child’s future.
Working class and poor families are inclined to raise their children by the natural growth method. These families financially support their family through various means of income. Their children are usually expected to be very self-sufficient. Natural growth method parents ...view middle of the document...

Concerted cultivated children can confidently voice their opinions and are confident when interacting socially. Unfortunately, as children they believe it is acceptable to question authority and tend to rudely mouth off to their parents.
The parents’ education determines the household income and the social class. Hence, the preferred child rearing method depends on the level of education each parent received. Both middle class parents usually have at least their bachelor’s degree; thus as parents, they wish for their children be successful and assist them in any way possible. Middle class parents fulfill this desire by being knowledgable of their children’s scholastic achievements and involving them in as many extracurricular activities viable. On the other hand, working class and poor parents may have a high school diploma or GED, but many parents never attained either one. Working class and poor children do not have knowledgable parents concerning college or how to prepare for higher education....

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