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Interracial Dating Explored In Save The Last Dance

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Interracial Dating Explored in Save the Last Dance

The movie, Save the Last Dance, goes along with all of our discussions and conversations about the visual difference between the black and white cultures and the stereotyping that Hollywood does of the two cultures. The movie shows the difference in the two cultures, according to have your typical white middle-class suburban girl (Sarah) and your typical low-class black boy (Derrick).

Save the Last Dance is a love story about the pros and cons that comes along with interracial dating. Hollywood displays Sarah as your typical white girl whose forced to move into a low-class neighborhood (with her father, Roy), which is inhabited mostly by blacks, after her mother dies in a tragic car accident on her way to one of her audition. The theme of the movie is really plain and simple. Sarah has always wanted to become a ballerina and attend Julliard, a school of performing arts in New York, however, after the death of her mother, she loses the passion for her dream. Like I mentioned above, Sarah was forced to move with her father, Roy, who lived in an old ratty house deep in a ghetto (inhabited mostly by blacks) in New York City.

It had to have been a huge culture shock for Sarah, I mean, here is this white middle-class girl who feels that she?s to blame for her mothers death. And in an instant, she?s taken away from her home, neighborhood, and friends and forced to live and attend school in a black ghetto. Her first day of high school was horrible, people gave her dirty looks and long mean stares. It took her a while, but she ended up changing her style so she?d fit in more, which lead to her meeting a girl named Chenille, who ends up playing a huge part in Sarah?s survival in a mostly black school and neighborhood. Chenille walked to school with Sarah, showed her around the neighborhood and helped her make friends by introducing her to lots of different people, including her brother named Derrick.

After meeting Chenille, Sarah had no problem adapting to her new surroundings and situation, however, there were a few people who didn?t like the fact that a white girl was becoming ?cool? and well known in their territory. Those people consisted of Nikki (Derricks ex-girlfriend and an associate of Chenille) and Malachi (a trouble making gang member and one of Derricks friends). In the movie, dancing is portrayed as a must in the African American community and played a big part in Save the Last Dance and the social scene in the high school. All the cool and popular people hung out and danced at this dance club like every weekend and I got the idea that if you couldn?t dance, you...

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