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Interracial Love Essay

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Being in an interracial relationship is the most controversial topic in our country. Although it is still socially unacceptable, it has been more common in the last 30 years among black and white people. For the past 3 years, I have been in an interracial relationship with a white man that I love very much but to our dismay, we still get a lot of hateful looks and even harsh words from opinionated people. Either way it goes, we still decide to stay together but truth is, I don’t feel like I belong with my racial group and neither with his for so many reasons. When we first introduced each other to our families, they were completely shocked because in their mind we are fraternizing with the enemy because of slavery. Many think that being with someone who is not your race is considered disrespectful and if you have kids, your kids will be considered as an abomination. People need to realize that times have changed and racism is over but I guess it just doesn’t matter to them.
When I hang around our friends or family, I feel like I don’t belong. According to other blacks, I am a white girl stuck in a black girl’s body. This mostly came from the fact of being in a relationship with a white man. At times, when I visit some family who live in bad neighborhoods, I am told to keep quiet because if I say anything, they would say that I think I am better than them. If they find out that I am with a white man, then all hell will break loose. It is pretty much the same way with my boyfriend because his family is mostly from the country. When it comes to political views, many are stunned because I personally don’t agree with President Obama. It’s not because I am with a white man, it’s because I just don’t agree with much he has to say and I am a Republican. I am criticized for the music that I listen to which is mostly rock or metal. Many say I try too hard to be white. What they fail to realize is that I am just like them no matter what I do in my personal life. Sometimes I do feel like I belong because in my background I am a minority, my family grew up in the ghetto, and I still get call a Negro. When I mention that I don’t agree with or do what society think most blacks do, you have those who say, “We have a black rebel in our presence.” If I mention that I like a certain band, I get funny looks and when I talk, some think that I am really trying too hard.
In a similar fashion, being...

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