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Joseph Bejarano11/20/13Dr. VorndranWRT100Essay #2: Final PresentationThe virtue that I chose was acceptance because in life we have to accept others lifestyles, spiritual beliefs and cultures. Sometimes people find it very difficult accepting others, but I think we should learn and search within ourselves to find a way to accept others for being different, for having unique personalities, and for what lifestyle each person has. To accept others, we must show respect and kindness so that we can get along with people but also have tolerance and courage for what people say about our spiritual beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles each of us have. We also have to accept people for how they behave and feel. We must respect every religion and learn to accept others cultural beliefs so that we can build strong relationships or friendships with others who come from all over the world. People must understand that we all are human beings and we have to get along and treat each other equally. We must accept others lifestyles, spiritual beliefs, and cultures because we have to accept people as who they are as a person and we must love their personalities, otherwise we can't get along.In order to get along with each other we need to accept others cultures. We must respect each other's culture because every culture is different. This doesn't mean we have to discriminate against them just because it's a different culture from yours. We can't judge them for being different, so we have to adapt with each other culture beliefs to learn others experiences in their life. It's good to know how people experience their life because we could maybe like their food, their music, their cultural celebrations, the clothes they wear, and much more. It's about how to explore and honor the differences from others; therefore, it's also a great way to increase our knowledge and overall accept the cultural norms of others. You'll realize that by doing this you will make friends with other people. We also have to learn to appreciate other's values and not judge them. We just have to accept that they are different and try to understand his or her points of view. It doesn't matter where we came from. Regardless of our differences, we are the world and this world is for all of us.One great example on how we must accept each other's cultures is on a novel that I read called "The Kite Runner." It's about two boys named Amir and Hassan who became good friends, and it didn't matter if they both had different cultures. They both live in Kabul, Afghanistan and their country had been fighting since the sixteenth century because they always struggled with ethnicity, politics, and culture. I can state that Amir and Hassan were separated by both class and ethnicity. In Afghanistan, there were three different ethnic groups the Pashtuns, Hazaras, and Tajik. The Pashtuns were always fighting against the Hazaras. Amir was a Pashtun and Hassan was a Hazara, the Pashtuns were always the top class and the...

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Interracial Relationships Essay

1796 words - 7 pages . Family acceptance is important to interracial relationships. One way a couple can tell if their family approves of the wedding is by how many people attend the ceremony. “Of these ceremonies, whether religious or civil, the gatherings were small with only a few close relatives or friends attending” (Porterfield 103). Family members, who do not agree with interracial relationships, will show how they feel by not attending the wedding. Close

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984 words - 4 pages According to the U. S. Census Reports, interracial marriages have more than tripled between 1980 and today. There are currently 1.6 million interracial marriages in the United States, and that figure is continuing to grow (Duru, 2012). Statistics show that over 70% of American society has no problem with mixed race relationships, and 40% of Americans have already dated someone of another ethnicity. For the most part relationships between

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915 words - 4 pages Interracial Relationships in American Society Interracial Relationships in America should not surprise anyone in today' s society, but are they considered ethically Wright. In Webster's dictionary the meaning for ethics is "Having to do with a group of people who have the same language and culture and share a way of life (Macmillan 1) . Prejudice and Discrimination are an all to common part of our cognitive social

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2943 words - 12 pages factor discouraging interracial dating. Other influences include familial and community opposition, societal and professional pressures, cultural heritage, and religion. These considerations coupled with theories such as Blacks date Whites for status creates an unwelcoming environment for interracial relationships. Although the United States is becoming increasingly diverse, interracial contact is still awkward and considered taboo by some

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1214 words - 5 pages praise of interracial relationships. The following is an excerpt of a poem entitled "Love is far more various than Race" by Gordon Nicholas: "Love is far more various than Race, it goes deeper than a person's skin. It reaches to the heart, which is the same, in all-human race. It is the name of a hundred thousand feelings held within. Yearning to be consumed in an embrace."(Nicholas, Poems for Free)Along with this praise is that of praising and

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2057 words - 8 pages The Legacy of Perceptions of Interracial Relationships as Demonstrated in Late 19th and Early 20th Century Black Literature and Events The history of interracial relationships in America is a painfully loaded issue which is still evolving in the consciousness of the 20th century. Because the first instances of sexual integration occurred under the institution of slavery, our understanding of them is necessarily beset with dominance, violence

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1055 words - 4 pages and what some would consider, little, but some changing of arrogance among Americans towards persons in interracial relationships. “Recent increases in interracial unions with Whites presumably reflect positive changes in American race relations as well as the blurring of racial boundaries and racial and ethnic identities” (Batson et al., 2006). The United States 2000 Census Bureau data reports an increase of interracial marriages which

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1170 words - 5 pages two races; black and white. Interracial dating was the next step in desegregation in America, although there are some who still oppose it today. However, despite the increase in interracial dating and marriages, many people still have negative attitudes towards interracial relationships, including Christians, who are called to be loving towards others (Knox, Zusman, Buffington, and Hemphill, 2000). The high majority of Christian people who oppose

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704 words - 3 pages The law forbidding interracial marriage was terminated in 1967, and in the midst of rapid racial change, one fact is unmistakable: A growing number of Americans are showing that we all can get along by forming relationships and families that cross all color lines. In the past couple decades, the number of interracial marriages has increased dramatically. Interracial dating and marrying is described as the dating or marrying of two people of

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1435 words - 6 pages of his/her racial identity. Interracial adoption is considered a success if the child adjusts well in adolescence and adulthood, has a positive sense of racial identity, has a good self-esteem, and is involved in social relationships with people of different races. Interracial adoptive parents look past the child's skin color to see a person that deserves to have a secure, loving family regardless of his/her race; furthermore, Americans should

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933 words - 4 pages assimilation within a society” (Lewis and Ford-Robertson 409). Society greatly impacts what people think is acceptable and what is not. The way a certain society views interracial relationships will express how much they support the merging of different cultures. If society were to say interracial marriage was the norm then less people would be hesitant to find a partner in a differing racial group. This article gave specific insights of the

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Interracial Relationships Essay

1077 words - 5 pages What would it be like to be in a interracial relationship? Interracial relationships have been around since 1620. These relationships were banned when Americans started to own slaves. At that time, African Americans were seen as the minority and were not to be seen as equals. However, times changed and then the laws that banned interracial relationships were uplifted. As a result of these laws though, many white Americans today still

Interracial Relationships Essay

1064 words - 4 pages      Racism is a national epidemic. Racial equality and civil rights reach across societal boundaries to protect everyones individuality. Although our nation is based on equality, racism persists and creates numerous societal problems. One increasing problem facing America under the guise of racism is the topic of interracial relationships.           &nbsp

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1986 words - 8 pages Interracial Relationships For centuries human beings have been on a quest for love. As time has passed, this search has lead to mixing of races and resulted in interracial relationships, both long-term couples and casual dating. An interracial relationship is defined by the Webster dictionary as intimacies between two people of different races. “I had no idea when I immigrated to the U.S in 1996, I would fall in love with a black

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1947 words - 8 pages . Nevertheless, racism still exists owing to the truth that it is still impossible to persuade the hearts of mankind in terms of racism, which leads to many people wondering how and when black and white racism will end in America. Many solutions have been suggested, and one of the various solutions is black and white interracial relationships. Such relationships have recently been successful in the 21st century, which leads us to the definitive question