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Running Head: INTERSECT BENCHMARKINGIntersect BenchmarkingUniversity of PhoenixIntersect BenchmarkingTo understand how to come adequately up with a solution to Intersect Investment Services (IIS) dilemma many different approaches needed to taken to remedy their situation. This paper will show 10 different companies who has similar problems and will be used to benchmark alternative solutions to their circumstances. In the scenario Intersect Investment Services shows they had trouble with communication within the organization, high turn-over rates, leader and management team's issues on the implication of the "customer intimacy" vision the CEO Frank Jeffers is trying to project within the company.Frank believes firing Executive Vice President Lyn Chen and replacing her with Janet Angelo will help launch Intersect Investment Services into the top three positions of the financial industry. Team A will analyze 10 companies and benchmark them while using course concepts from Transformational Leadership. The paper will show how types of change models short-term, long-term, and large-scale changes.We will analyze the implications of different leadership styles on the change management process. Select a leadership styles for a given situation. Evaluate the influence of leadership on management practices. Analyze the factors that contribute to a long-term commitment to change. Finally, appraise future leadership challenges that may occur (Kinicki, 2003).Change ModelsIIS long-term goals are to expand the service and commitment for their clients. IIS also wants to expand their organizational structure to fulfill CEO Frank Jeffers vision of "customer intimacy." The new Executive Vice President Janet Angelo will establish herself as a leader needed to expand their business.Strong alignment of goals and visibility will help IIS build on short-term goals of reestablishing the new manager, and employee relationship. Trust, and commitment, will also help build a vote of confidence on their new leader to achieve this goal. All these matters need to be addressed on a large scale because the number of clients who IIS handles.Many people are counting on the new services, products and renew the trust that IIS has to offer. Although there are many entities that enabled IIS turnover rates to be high, it will take a number of resources to achieve the goal of being one of the top competitors in the financial industry. A small scale plan could be use for contingencies to obtain the long-term goals.Janet could use her staff to construct their customer intimacy vision to help build new clients by presenting him or her with new services that are available. All of these methods can be used to build and obtain their goals (Huber, 2006).Implications of Different Leadership StylesThere is no one way for a leader to manage a company. Leaders must adopt their style of leadership, which depends on any given situation. A...

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