Intersectionality And Feminism Essay

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What is feminism? Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers. Each one of these answers will differ depending on wheither or not they are male, female, liberal, conservative, black, or white. Some questions that need to be answered when trying to understand more about feminism are: does feminism differ when race overlapes with gender and what struggles do black women and other women of color have to overcome that white women do not? When you Google search words like feminism, black feminism, and internsectionality, a plethora of information is thrown out at you, some negative and some positive. That is because there are so many different personalities of feminism, but again ...view middle of the document...

The human race has many more catagories than just woman or man, race divides those catagories into many other catagories. That is where intersectionality comes in. One cannot look at feminism without looking at race, because race undeniably effects the rights of women. That is where black feminism takes on both the rights of all women alike, but also the rights of black women.
So what are some of the challenges women face in today’s world? In an article in the New York Times, Michelle Bachelet, executive director of U.N. Women and a former president of Chile, she said, “The biggest challenges everywhere are political participation and economic empowerment – and ending violence against women.” That’s just women in general, but what about black women, what do they have to face. I believe Rolanda Booker’s “Struggle of the Black Women” hits the nail on the head. “In today’s society black women are portrayed as welfare mothers who have a lot of children out of wed lock. They are portrayed as lazy, man loving, young mothers, who do not care about themselves as much as they care about the men in their lives.” Trying to get a job, while trying to get a sliver of respect seems nearly impossible with those gross stereotypes that women of color have to overcome while white women do not. Based on statistics in America, on average only 16% of women hold leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies. That to me is a shocking number, but whats even more shocking is that only 5.1% of those women are African-American. ...

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