Interstate 15 And California 60 Freeway Interchange

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We take them for granted when driving miles to the closest mall. We are unconscious of their usefulness when traveling to see a distant relative by car. We can't take a moment to stop and admire their beauty and usefulness; the architectural wonders that are highways and their interchanges; which have such a rich history embedded in the American suburbia of today. Let's go back to the early 1900's, when the automobile was starting to become a dominate part of the American life (Morton, 2014). Around this time; a shift began to occur towards private transportation over public by influencing policies in their favor (Nicolaides and Wiese, 2006). One of these polices was created by the Federal Aid Highway of 1925; the United States Highway System which basically expanded the highways across the United States connecting one another, creating new opportunities for growth in many areas (Weingroff, 1996). This had many effects on different factors of the American way of life; specifically suburbia (Morton, 2014). After the war, the private home that was a luxury a few years prior, was now becoming affordable for many thanks to low interest rates and flexible payments through the National Housing Act of 1934, created by the Federal Housing Administration (Fishman, 1987). Perfect example of a policy acting towards private over public was the Los Angles Master Plan of 1941, which pushed the direction of private automobiles and singles households: there being 1.16 million cars (2.4 people per car) and having 31 percent of the city land dedicated for single family homes, this was really solidifying the post suburbia lifestyle (Fishman, 1987). In Los Angeles alone around this time, 900 square miles were transformed to tract development homes from agricultural lands and 500 miles of freeway were created in a parallel effect (Fishman, 1987). There was so much growth not only in population and in the shift to single family households, but with so many vehicles relatively available to the average public, this was all a recipe for terrible traffic congestion was on a massive scale (Fishman, 1987). Luckily, The Automobile Club saw this long before the issue was a problem and began to design a new form of road specific to the automobile, some of those designs were freeway interchanges ready to helping the future of transportation (Fishman, 1987).
Both the Interstate 15 / California 60 Freeway Interchange and the Interstate 110 / California 91 Freeway Interchange are breath-taking monuments of human ingenuity driven by and built to accommodate the exponential growth and demand of post war suburbia. Poetically resembling the human blood vessels, these freeways move the flow of traffic directing vehicles to their destinations; these interchanges are mere clusters of these blood vessels where changes in direction are organized with a sense of harmony. Take Figure 1 of the Interstate 15 / California 60 Freeway Interchange, could be categorized as a "Trumpet...

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