Intertextual Analysis Of Works Of Art

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Postmodern art is the representation of the return to pre-modern art styles and genres, and there is no longer a division between art, popular culture, and media. This philosophical term challenged and reacted against what modernism had to say, echoing dramatic changes in our social and economic features. Furthermore postmodern essays and critiques coincided with the arrival of contemporary art. Contemporary art is more socially conscious and philosophically all encompassing of several styles and medias than art works previous to this era. Contemporary art is experimental and often includes crossbreeds of styles, as well as mixes of many varied periods of art history from earlier times to the present times. Contemporary art cultivates toward conceptual, political and social messages, addressing feminism, multiculturalism, globalization, bioengineering and AIDS, among other trends. Contemporary art is created in the here and now and which makes it contemporary to us. Contemporary art are works of art made from the 1960's or 70's up until the present and it is an ever-evolving art style. I will analysis three contemporary works of art and how different philosophers and theorists would interpret each one.
The first work of art ‘Surreal’ by Marcus A. Jansen is an oil enamel collage on canvas done in 2009 hanging in the MW Gallery Aspen. Marcus Jansen fits into the general category of contemporary postmodernism because of the time period in which he paint, the various high and low subject matter he incorporates into his paintings, and his use of appropriation or barrowing. Jansen’s painting ‘Surreal’ appropriates images from Pablo Picasso’s painting ‘Guernica’ done in 1937, which depicts that towns bombing during the Spanish Civil War. By borrowing this image from Pablo, Jansen is most likely comparing the plight of urban black people to the victims of Guernica’s bombing. Jansen says that his work is inspired by what he sees and feels around him, that his art is his own interpretation of the subject that he sees and that it service as a voice not a pretty wall picture. By the way that Jansen paints we can see that he is very expressive and borrows techniques from many artists and styles, such as graffiti. Though this mishmash of the familiar and the impossible, Jansen suggests a future in which all of the common comforts that we take for granted may end up disintegrating before our eyes.
If we were going to take an enlightenment thinkers point of view such as David Hume’s, and apply it to Marcus Jansen’s oil painting ‘Surreal’ (2009) postmodern contemporary, we would be judging this work primarily on taste and a prejudice free mind. According to Hume Beauty is not in a thing itself rather, “It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty (p.40).” This relation has the unfortunate inclination to suggest that the response to an artwork is abrupt, like seeing. However, there is no strict comparison...

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